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BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model Charcoal | Review

A Product That Mends Your Sleep Disorders

Are you searching for something that can help you with circadian rhythm sleep disorders? You might have tried a lot of tricks and suggestions advised by your friends and family members but did not find much relief due to inconsistency in the efforts. We do try things like waking up early in the morning to get natural sunlight or setting up a regular bedtime but we lack consistency in the efforts and finally stay adjusting with one or other sleep disorders and its diverse effects into our life.

BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model Charcoal is a product that has been designed to counter troubles in your sleep/wake rhythms that causes various sleep disorders. While you read this review you will come to know product highlights, health benefits, customers who already have used the product have shared their views, we will discuss positive and negative feedback given by the customers, analytical points on its pros and cons and a verdict.  This review would help you in your decision on its purchase.

What Are Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders?

Circadian rhythms sleep disorders are caused when body experience some disruption in its biological clock. Circadian clock is responsible for 24 hour cycle of the day. It affects various body functions such as brain wave, regeneration of cells, hormone production and temperature rhythm of the body. Circadian clock is located in the superchiasmatic nucleus of the brain that helps determining various sleep patterns. When body clock is disrupted it causes circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

How BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model Charcoal Helps Against Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders By Waking Up Naturally

The main function of the BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model Charcoal is to wake you up mimicking the natural sunlight in the morning. Whereas, in the evening the sunrise clock give effects of a sunset that signals the body to get to sleep. If you are going through some sort of sleep disorders and having trouble staying active and interactive during work or other routine jobs of the day, this product would be an aid.

In the morning the human body clock is sensitive to the low intensity light. When you wake up in gradually increasing light you get smoother and more natural transitions from sleep to wakefulness. The circadian rhythms follow the pattern of the light and darkness of the day. The BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model Charcoal imitates the same light pattern to re adjust your body clock and provide you relief with circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model Charcoal Image 1

Product’s Highlights:

The BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model Charcoal has been designed considering the medical researches done on the effects of light on human behavior. It includes features:

  • Sunrise waking up feature of sunrise clock wakes up in more natural way. It enhancing activeness and makes feel calm and relaxed.
  • Gradual sunset that help with sleep disorders such as delayed sleep phase syndrome and advanced sleep phase syndrome. It works similar to a bedtime story that allows easy transition from wakefulness to sleep.
  • Its simulated sunrise feature can be set according to the preferences. It has four different settings to set down the dusk cycle. The simulated light gradually reaches to the maximum on your preferred setting to wake you up in pleasant and calm state.
  • Additional beeper for backup – it’s a useful feature especially for the events when you have to wake up early in the morning for a meeting or to receive a guest. It is an optional feature that you can also use prior going to bed for dimmable bedside lamp.
  • LCD display which fades to the minimum level of light to make you fall asleep more easily
  • Design is user friendly and non intrusive.
  • Opal glass globe gives a soothing glow
  • Replaceable bulb that is easily available at a nearby home improvement store.
  • Power failure backup
  • You have the option to set the dawn and dusk cycles in the intervals of 15, 20, 60 or 90 minutes.

Amazon Customer Feedback For The BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model Charcoal

Users have diverse opinions, some are positive whereas others are negative on the same products (BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model Charcoal). Let’s research on their opinions to see what the verdict finally comes out.

BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model Charcoal Buyer Feedback Chart

Extract Of The Positive Comments:

For many customers Biobrite Sunrise Clock has shown some amazing changes in their life. One of the customer quotes “We no longer need to set our audible alarms as we naturally wake with the lamp.” Especially in winters when it’s all dark in the morning hours, BioBrite Sunrise Lamp helps to wake up more comfortably and in a much better mood.

Another buyer had some punctuality issues especially in the winters. With the normal clock, it just the irritating sound that wakes up but more often it is shutdown and sleep continues. The buyer quotes “I used to go to work at 9:00 am because of it. I now am getting up between 5:30 and 6 and making it to work by 7:00.” So certainly this device helps to get pleasant mornings and overall helps to schedule your wake up time.

With the feature of dawn and dusk cycle interval of 15, 20, 60 or 90 minutes, it gives a pleasant sunrise feel. Buyer quotes “My assessment is that waking up on a cold, dark winter morning is 10X easier with this clock” So if you want to awake stress free and looking for a humane alternative, then BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model Charcoal is for you.

Extract From The Negative Comments:

There are the customers who are very negative on the product. Let’s see what they say.

They found the clock working well but were a little disappointed on the button functionality and material. Buyer quotes “the buttons on this this clock eventually stops working” and few buyer find it a bit expensive. There are some buyers who find the bulb light is extremely bright and its size is little big. Buyer quotes “Very bright display. I had to put blue painter’s tape over it”

Final Verdict On BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model Charcoal

Well, there is a mix opinion and both the opinions have some worth. BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model Charcoal is a good device to make unpleasant winter morning pleasant. The tendency to wake up late in winters and the circadian rhythm changes can be easily overcome by the natural sunlight in the morning mimicked by BioBrite Sunrise Clock. This machine works perfectly to correct the human body clock disrupted by low intensity light.

My final verdict on the product is quite positive. I would say that despite a few problems such as its button functionality or high bulb light the machine is worth a try as it is comparatively low priced while comparing it with the competitors.

BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model Charcoal Helps You Overcome CRSD

BioBrite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model Charcoal is especially designed to overcome circadian rhythm sleep disorder. Also, it helps to fight against SAD (read about circadian rhythm disorders here). The mimicking of the natural sunlight in the morning and evening effects of sunrise created by this clock are very helpful to reset your circadian clock to the normal position. So if you are having difficulty waking up or getting to bed in time; give this product a try.  It’ll surly help you to sync your biological clock and fight against your sleep disorders.