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Don’t Let Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder To Affect Your Mental Health

Relation Between Circadian Rhythm & Mental Health

It has found that circadian rhythm sleep disorder generally encourage certain mental and psychiatric conditions. Therefore, the relation between circadian rhythm and mental health is very clear. A patient of such disorders exhibit several kinds of behavioral problems. Hence, if you want to eliminate this problem from the root, using behavioral treatment can offer amazing results. In such case, usage of drugs and light therapy can prove effective solutions to improve mental condition of a sufferer.  To have a good sleeping hours at night, it is necessary to have treatment properly.

Various Behavioral Treatments To Cure Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder And Brigh Light Therapy

Human sleeping cycle works on the alarms of body clock and external environment helps this body clock in functioning. But, when this body clock gets out of order, it causes several types of behavioral problems in a person. Besides, behavioral problems, the sleeping pattern also get disfigured and as its result, a patient feels difficulty in sleeping. To cure this issue, there are several behavioral treatments available wherein bright light therapy, chronotherapy and environmental cues enhancement are effective ones and have proven beneficial.

Bright Light Therapy

People who are suffering from circadian rhythm sleep disorders give quick response to light therapy. Bright light therapy is a proven treatment that has helped numerous patients so far. To get this treatment, it is suggested that a patient first visit a sleep specialist and from him, you can get therapy duration, exact time suitable for treatment and strength. It is because, the amount of therapy depends on individual needs and as per your condition, and they can better suggest this treatment to help you to get out of this problem.

Chronotherapy – A Determinant Treatment For Correcting Circadian Rhythm

It is also categorized in the list of behavioral treatment which is consisted of constantly shifting the schedule of sleep as per patient’s desired schedule. In case, you feel difficulty in getting sleep at a normal and desired bedtime, then delaying your bedtime every night for few hours till you reach at your desired time hour can help you getting desired sleeping schedule. This reverse will definitely work if you have started falling asleep before desired bedtime, then you should advance your time to bed for few hours every night and thus, this reverse will keep on going till you achieve your desired bedtime.

Environmental Cues Enhancement & Tips To Encourage Sound Sleeping

Environmental cues put a great influence on our body circadian rhythm and that is why, encouraging these cues can help fixing up this disorder. For this purpose, we suggest you to create sleeping environment in your bedroom. A room should be well-lit while awakening and while sleeping, it should be a quiet and dark atmosphere. In addition to it, we suggest you to avoid exposure to bright light in evening. Adopting certain sleeping and eating hours or other activities are crucial elements to consider if you seriously want to eradicate circadian rhythm sleep disorder.