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Thirteen Natural Ways to Treat Insomnia | How to Relieve Insomnia

People are always pressured to take drugs to solve their insomnia and other problems, so it is important to see that there are also natural solutions which can be done in your own home and without even seeing a doctor, so here is a nice and easy to read article on natural ways to treat insomnia.

13 Ways on How to Relieve Insomnia in a Completely Natural Way

(In no particular order)

  1. Meditation is a great tool to battle insomnia and it can be used by anyone, you don’t have to be a guru or a yogi. Simply focus on your breathing or your heart rate and let thoughts just pass you by, do not dwell on them, and force yourself to just concentrate on the above. In many cases you would be asleep and you would not even realize the transition.
  2. Something close to meditation is a sort of a daydreaming distraction. This is especially good for those who continue worrying and stressing about work or other life issues when they go to bed. Imagining some dream of yours or even just some story and playing it out in the mind gets you away from stressful thoughts, makes you relaxed and facilitates sleep.
  3. Although in some cases this one is difficult, having disciplined hours for sleep help the body develop a habit and make it that much easier for you to sleep (it is sort of the same phenomenon as going to the bathroom)
  4. Laughing is great but will not help you with insomnia

    If you are one of those people who hangs out a lot in the bedroom, perhaps works or studies on the bed, then it can help if you train your body that the bed is the place of sleep and you only go there when you need sleep.

  5. Something perhaps logical: doing exciting things, laughing a lot, being energetic are all things which will get your body excited and very far away from sleep, so wind down in the hours before bed time and it also helps to dim the lights which will indicate chemically to the body that daytime is over and night is coming.
  6. Having a large meal before going to sleep will surely not help you as the digestive system will come alive working hard and will likely wake you up to go to the bathroom if you do indeed fall asleep, so stick to smaller snacks or salads.
  7. Sound affects us a lot and everyone has their preferences but relaxing melodies, natural sounds of birds or water or wind and many other calming sounds will surely help you wind down and catch that insomnia off guard.
  8. Temperature also has a great influence on us. You would want to have a warm bath which would be very relaxing but a cold or cool environment in the bedroom as we do not sleep well when it is hot.
  9. Another perhaps obvious ingredient to avoid is caffeine, which will excite your system. This, as you probably know, can be found in tea, coffee, energy drinks, chocolate, and sodas.
  10. Reading an exciting book will NOT fix insomnia

    Comparing a person who has been active during the day with another who has been watching TV, the latter would much more likely have insomnia issues, so get your body moving during the day and the blood flow circulating.

  11. Reading does help to fall asleep as long as you are reading something boring. Do not, definitely, read an exciting book as you could very well end up staying up the entire night until you get to the end of the story.
  12. If you can not sleep because of noise, either from inside of the house or from the outside then I suggest you see my articles Snore Calm Foam Ear Plugs REVIEW and Sleeplessness Remedies | Marpac SleepMate White Noise Machine | REVIEW which will block out all those noises allowing you to sleep peacefully.
  13. If you can not sleep because of one or another sleep disorder then all is not lost, most of them actually can be cured either partially or completely either by home remedies or by some devices like a snoring mouthpiece or a CPAP device among others.

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Final words on the Natural Ways to Treat Insomnia

I hope the “Natural Ways to Treat Insomnia” article was helpful to you and you will soon be on your way to a long and good quality sleep.


  1. very nice list of Ways to Treat Insomnia

  2. nice simple and easy and most importantly natural insomnia relief list, cheers