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Valerian Root and Lemon Balm as a Sleep Aid

Perfect sleep is a blessing, but for those who suffer from sleep disorders there are plenty of ways through which they can attain sound sleep. One of the most effective ways is to use a combination of valerian root and lemon balm. These herbs are well researched and are known for putting an end to sleepless nights. These herbs are available in the form of dietary supplements and a lot of companies make them under their banner. They are also an off the counter supplement, which means that they can be bought without any prescription from the doctor. These herbs can also be consumed in the form of tea, liquid extract, oil and cream, which gives people who have sleeplessness problems a large range of options to consume these natural herbs.

Valerian Root as a Sleeping Aid

The origin of this herb lies in Europe and Asia. It is known to cure sleep and anxiety disorders. The use of this herb dates back to the time of Greeks and Romans, they used it to cure number of problems like headaches, trembling, nervousness, digestive issues and so on. Today valerian is primarily used to cure sleep disorders. It is known to improve the quality of one’s sleep. A lot researches have been carried out that points out the fact that valerian indeed induces sleep greatly. The aspect that differentiates this particular herb from sleeping pills is that valerian does not have any hangover or negative effects like certain sleeping pills do. Valerian also does not hinder the next day’s activities in any way.

Lemon Balm as a Sleep Relief

This herb originated from southern Europe and northern Africa. It belongs to the mint family and is called lemon balm because it gives out an odor of lemon. It has number of other names as well like bee balm, sweet balm and honey plant etc. Lemon balm is known for curing many ailments like nausea, anxiety, depression, headaches, coughs, allergies but most importantly it is known to cure sleep disorders. Lemon balm is considered to be a calming herb as it has a soothing effect which relaxes the mind and induces sleep. A lot of experiments have proven that lemon balm when combined with other soothing herbs like valerian helps in overcoming anxiety and sleeplessness.

The combination of valerian root and lemon balm can really help in curing insomnia and other sleep disorders and is highly recommended.