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Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator | Review

There are times when you may find a change in your appetite (carve especially for carb cravings), low energy level, lack of interest, change in sleep-wake cycle, decreased concentration, poor performance in work, irritability, sleep disorders,  reduced sex drive, lack of social interaction, weight gain and lot more.  These are the symptoms of seasonal depression better known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD.  It is a real problem for those who are deprived of the bright sun light due to seasonal affects or circumstances of their living.

Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator is for all you people who have been suffering from winter blues and sleep disorders and are deprived of natural sunlight in the day hours.  The product is perfect antidote for seasonal disorders.  This special light as its name suggests has been specifically designed to give your body the ‘sunlight’ boost it demands, yet at the comfort of your home. In this review I will try to acquaint you with all its features, pros and cons, customer’s reviews to make an informed decision on the Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator.

Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator Image 1

What You Get In The Box:

  • HappyLite Deluxe Energy Lamp
  • Wall mount
  • Tabletop stand
  • Instructions
  • Highlights Of The Products:
  • Natural light to cue your body’s natural energy
  • No harmful UV
  • Up to 10,000 LUX of Natural Spectrum Daylight
  • Ideal for busy schedules and shorter sessions
  • The light comes with both desktop and wall mount options
  • flicker-free illumination
  • convenient carrying handle
  • Ultra-light weighted
  • soothing glare free
  • Compact euro-style design
  • Balanced light at 12 inches

Why Only The Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator:

It’s easy to use, and the biggest benefit is its 10,000 Lux balanced light. 30 minutes of its regular use fulfills the demand of your body daily need of the sunlight. Its light effect slowly alleviates the symptoms that are closely associated with shift work sleep disorders, jet lag and SAD (seasonal affective disorder). While it’s a balanced light the, its users will not have to worry about the light that is concentrating on one area. It also allows them to get the exact amount of light they want. Products similar to Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator do provide the same light but they are not balanced and which leads to the tight going anywhere. The effects can be worse when the light concentrate on a specific area of the body. The way it has been constructed keeping in mind that the glare in the light affects the concentration so with this product you can be sure that you can use the light as a natural sunlight effect and can easily be able to do your work on computer or reading a book.

Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator Image 2

What This Light Therapy Lamp Has To Offer:

  • It works on the effects of blahs
  • It fulfills your daily dose of sunlight exposure
  • It improves you mood
  • Portable enough to carry it with you wherever you go
  • A special Flicker Elimination System and electronic ballast avert you from any annoying buzzing.

It has been proven through various studies that exposure to the adequate amount of sunlight improves you well-being. When you use the Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator it send cues to your body to and body releases the chemicals that help fight the disorders and improves your mood.

Positive And Negative Comments From Amazon And Verdict

Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator Buyer Feedback Chart

Extracts Of The Positive Comments:

“I got a Happy Light about 6 weeks ago, and it has worked very well for me. I’ve made the mistake a few times of skipping my morning light session and I can always tell by evening – but the next day, after using the lamp, I’m back to normal. I’ve been dealing with SAD for years and put off buying a lamp, but they are worth every penny.”

“My husband bought me this light last year, and I didn’t use it every day. This fall, I asked my psychiatrist exactly how to use it so I could give it a fair chance and really see if it makes a difference. He said start a month before you think you’re really going to need the relief, use it minimally 1/2 hour every day, and keep the light 12-16 inches away from your eyes. He said if you’re going to read or do something else, you must make eye contact with the light for one full second every thirty seconds. I started using it and decided to just prop it up on my bent knees as I sat up in bed against the headboard. I found it meditative, and I just relaxed my eyes,”

“I have got to say this Verilux lamp is amazing compared to the old one. The light is a soft whitish-blue, not harsh at all. When it turns on there is little “warm up” time. The cost is especially worth it.”

Extracts From The Negative Comments:

“I just got my happy light a couple days ago. I guess it is sorta a given (because the light bulbs are florescent), but I thought everyone should know that sitting in front of a happy light is nothing like real daylight. The experience is very artificial. I’m sitting in front of it now-it kinda feels like a trip to Kmart.”

“I have been using it for a month now & I feel it is very artificial & almost to bright that it just gets annoying! I have not noticed much difference to be honest.”

“Was recommended by a doctor friend…I use it every day…not sure if it works but I’m not sad…I guess time will tell”

Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator Review Final Results

Daily dose of sunlight is very important for all of us. Lack of exposure can lead to various disorders associated with SAD and sleep/cycle. Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator got a lot of appreciation and is recommended by several of its users. Some find it a good alternative to the bright light of the sun. According to them the lamp has given some very positive result. Few of them found a great improvement in their mood while other found it meditative.

The negative reviewer says that it’s” nothing like real daylight”. I would say that the reviewer is correct, the product just imitates the daylight and it doesn’t provide daylight in any sense. The product is for those how are not able to take direct sunlight concerning their busy life or the weather condition outside the house.

My review on Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator is that you can definitely try the product if you are going through winter blues or mood disorders. If you do not notice an instant improvement have some patience and give some time to its light therapy, I am sure you will surely notice an improvement in your mood as well as your overall well-being.