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What is Your Options with CPAP if You Sleep On Your Side?

CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is the best cure currently available for sleep apnea. The best position to sleep while using CPAP is on your back with your stomach facing upwards. This will allow your machine to function in a efficient and fast manner.

However, if you tend to sleep on your stomach or on your sides you will be placing pressure on the CPAP hose which will cause leakage; this will lower the amount of pressurized air which is delivered thus lowering the efficiency and effectiveness of the therapy.

Options Available To You If You Sleep On the Side or Stomach

Try a CPAP Pillow

  • CPAP Mask: Your first option is to purchase a new CPAP mask. Today in the market, specially designed CPAP masks are available which will allow you to sleep on your side and still gain the full benefits of the therapy.
  • CPAP Pillow: Another option is to purchase a CPAP pillow. These pillows are designed with feedback from CPAP users to meet their needs. Thanks to their scientific design, these pillows come with pockets where your hose can be placed. Additionally, theyare designed to minimize the contact between your CPAP hose and the pillow; this will prevent leakage of air. Thus allowing you to sleep on your side or stomach.
  • Sleep on your back: Finally if you do not want to speand your money, then you can simply learn to sleep on your back. This will make sure that no leakage of air occurs, thus ensuring that the treatment is effective.

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