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Can Being Tired Make You Snore?

We get tired every day from all kinds of things like work, school or various activities. This “sort” of being tired is not connected to snoring at all and does not create or cause snoring to happen in any person.

However, there is a specific connection between being tired and snoring. You see snoring is usually just vibrations which occur in our throat due to our air passages getting smaller or tighter for a number of reasons. In one specific case the muscles which keep the air passages open when we sleep get very tired or “switched off”.

This can happen due to

  • extreme exhaustion
  • alcohol use
  • taking of sleeping pills
  • or any other muscle relaxant substance or medicine

So when these muscles are partially or fully weakened or relaxed then they no longer hold the air passages open and this can result in snoring and even sleep apnea (when a person stops breathing for some time).

So as you see regular or every day type of being tired is no problem at all and is a natural part of our lives and this neither creates snoring nor any other problem. Only when we damage our body due to abnormal excessive activities or overworking or put into our body substances which we would practically never encounter in nature is the only time we start having problems.