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Circadian Clock Affects Your Overall Health

Sleep forms the part of human’s biological need of rest. As a person falls to sleep human body’s psychological processes are put onto an ostensible rest and some of the body system who has been mostly browbeaten during the day also rests and can be reloaded for future use. However, try imagining a system so dismayed that you’re sleeping and wake-up hours are totally unscheduled. Some people have the habit of sleeping early and wake-up early whereas some have the habit to go to bed late and as a result wakes up late. These sleep related uneven scheduling often disrupts our circadian biological clock and characterize several forms of circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

SCN At It's Work

Reticular Activating System Helps Us Stay Awake And Attentive

Circadian rhythm guides our biological clock from the time we go to bed and wake up in the morning. Circadian is a Latin term which means a day. The main element here is that it separates day from night and also it influences our body temperature, feeling of thirst and appetite which all forms the part of the cell regeneration. SCN or Suprachiasmatic Nuclei is our master alarm clock residing in our brain. It receives nerve signals travels directly from our retina about the external light and darkness. SCN secretes hormones to control our circadian rhythm and thereby affecting our reticular activating system which helps us to be conscious and stay awake and attentive.

Familial Advanced Sleep-Phase Syndrome

Many researches are going on to study the complexity of circadian rhythm sleep disorder. It has also been said that disruptions in our circadian rhythm often becomes the cause of depression, bi-polar disorder, fatigue, daydreaming and even cancer. Familial advanced sleep-phase syndrome another type of circadian rhythm often found in elderly. In this type of sleep disorder people often go to bed early at around 7:00 PM  and as a result often wake up early at around 1:00 AM or 2:00 AM. It is relatively increasing and special attention to overcome it is still been researched extensively.

Affect Of Light And Darkness On Biological Clock

Presence And Absence Of Light Regulates Circadian Rhythm

With so many studies and consultations from doctors there is one base assumption that circadian rhythm is affected by presence and absence of light which disrupts our sleep mechanism. With this knowledge you should commit yourself to take proper rest at proper time and neglect things which are not really important. Keep your room dark so that it makes comfortable for you to sleep. Be aware that colorful objects often stimulate your senses and hampers sleep so better keep the room ventilated and air conditioned.

Common Treatments To Overcome CRD

Based on modern technology and medicines circadian rhythm disorder can be treated based upon its kind and symptom. There are various treatments available but it varies from individual to individual because of different lifestyles. Chronotherapy and bright light therapy are the two most common methods used to treat CRD. If these are followed with discipline you can overcome your circadian rhythm disorder and can improve upon your quality of sleep and also life.