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ComfortGel Nasal Mask Review

This is a review of the ComfortGel Nasal Mask, I will be highlighting all of positives and negatives of the mask and in the end I will provide a final review.

The Importance of the CPAP Mask

The Gel inside the ComfortGel Nasal Mask - It will change according to the shape of your face.

CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is the best treatment available for sleep apnea. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on how comfortable you are with the CPAP mask. If you find your CPAP mask uncomfortable or if it does not fit you properly, then this may cause you to not use your CPAP regularly. This will be extremely detrimental to your treatment, since the CPAP should be used every single time you sleep.

The best option would be to change your CPAP mask. Many different types of masks are currently available in the market. Finding one based on your needs should be a relatively easy job.

Why the ComfortGel Nasal Mask?

It is customizable. The mask has been engineered to allow for extensive customization, this allows the mask to fit every single person perfectly. Thus you will be more comfortable using the mask. Additionally due to the presence of the gel, which will change its shape according to the shape of your face, it will fit much better than any other mask.

Features of the ComfortGel Nasal Mask

  • A stability selector when paired with the cushion will work to create a better seal
  • Cheap
  • Amount of leakage is drastically lowered
  • Fully customizable to suit everyone
  • Has a forehead support
  • Redesigned frame with reinforced headgear
  • 3 months warranty
  • Lowered breakage
  • Package includes headgear

The best part of the ComfortGel Nasal Mask is that due to its scientific design it is extremely customizable. You can completely customize it based on your own preference and needs. Thus you are assured of a perfect fit. Additionally due to the usage of the gel, it will fit your face perfectly and give you the highest levels of comfort. Lastly unlike other masks which break quickly, this mask has been reinforced to increase its life.

Customer Feedback for the ComfortGel Nasal Mask

  • “This product fits well on the face and the head… It is comfortable to sleep in… The gel conforms nicely to the face”
  • “This item comes with the head-gear as well… I was surprised as it does not say that it is included… I will be buying from them again.”

Verdict on the ComfortGel Nasal Mask

The ComfortGel Nasal Mask

From my research on the internet, forums and based on Amazon customer feedback I have found that the ComfortGel Nasal Mask is very good. It is much cheaper when compared to the other masks in the market and it also provides more features than any other mask. Thanks to its customizability, it will fit every single person who uses it perfectly. Thus if you are tired of your old mask or have not found one which fits you perfectly, then the ComfortGel Nasal Mask is a worthy contender for your hard earned money. While I have not found any bad reviews, like normal CPAP masks this one too has a limited life, it will break upon rough usage. Just remember to use the mask according to the manufacturer’s instructions and you will be fine.

This product has gotten an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 from 126 reviews on cpap-supply which is like the Amazon of CPAP supplies

I hope this ComfortGel Nasal Mask review was helpful to you. Feel free to go to Amazon and check the product out yourself.