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CPAP Humidification Rainout & Solutions to stop it

CPAP humidification rainout is the phenomenon where the moisture in the air condenses before it reaches your nose or mouth. This will cause accumulation of water inside your cpap hose.

How does CPAP Humidification Rainout Occur?

CPAP humidification rainout occurs when there is a long distance between the CPAP humidifier and your CPAP mask and the surrounding temperature of the room is colder than that of the CPAP humidifier. Basically, when the moisturized air flows from the humidifier, if the room temperature is cool, the air will also become cooled, during this process the moisture droplets will become condensed (humidifier rainout) to form droplets of water which will accumulate inside your hose.

The CPAP Humidification Rainout Phenomenon

Solutions to CPAP Rainout

If you suffer from this problem, then the following solutions are available to you:

  1. Temperature of surroundings: If you raise the temperature of your surroundings i.e. your room, you will effectively lower the chances of rainout occurring. Rainout usually occurs because the air gets cooled before it reaches the patients mouth or nose, if the surrounding temperature is equal to or near the temperature of the humidifier, the time taken for the air to condense will be increased drastically thereby preventing it and subsequently rainout.
  2. CPAP Level: While sleeping, it is advised to keep the CPAP machine in the same level as that of the bed where you are sleeping or higher. If you keep the machine at a lower place, the hose will form a hill or valley shape, this will increase the time taken for the air to travel and make it easier for it to get condensed.
  3. Insulation Cover: If you prefer to save electricity by not heating up your room, then an excellent option is to purchase a CPAP hose insulation cover. This hose cover will cover your CPAP hose and keeps its temperature the same, thus preventing rainout e.g. Snugglehose
  4. Purchasing an advanced CPAP machine: Many of the latest CPAP machines in the market come with an in-built rainout prevention feature. While these machines are much more costly than traditional CPAP machines, they will effectively prevent or lower the CPAP humidification rainout phenomenon.

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