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CPAP Machine Cleaning and Maintenance

CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is the best non surgical cure for Sleep Apnea. But the efficient working of the apparatus requires, regular cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning for the CPAP machine is classified as:

  • Daily,
  • Weekly,
  • Yearly.

Daily Cleaning:

The nasal mask, tubing and other parts which comes in regular contact with the body must be cleaned regularly to ensure that there is no growth of micro organisms. The head gear and tubing should be placed inside a sink with warm and soapy water. The parts should be mixed and agitated in the water for around 5 minutes to ensure that the parts are clean. After this, dry all the apparatus to ensure that all the moisture is gone.

It is advisable to wash all the apparatus in the morning, this will ensure that they are completely dry and ready to use by night.

Weekly Cleaning:

The filter present in the back of the machine should be washed weekly with water. Follow this by blotting the filter with a clean towel to remove any moisture. After this replace the filter in its proper place.

Additionally if a white filter is present it should be replaced every month or after it becomes dirty. The white filter should not be washed!

Care of the Humidifier:

If your CPAP has a humidifier, then once a week, rinse the humidifier with soapy water. To disinfect the humidifier, place it in a solution of vinegar and water for 30minutes.

Yearly Maintenance:

Most manufacturers recommend sending your CPAP machine once a year for regular maintenance. The company will make sure the pressure settings are correct and ensure that everything is working properly.