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Contour CPAP Mask Spray| Review

I will be reviewing the Contour Cpap Mask Spray in this article. I will be highlighting all of the characteristic features of the product and giving a final verdict on its efficacy based on my research.

Importance of CPAP Maintenance

Your CPAP machine will overtime collect dust, dirt, stains, oils from the regular contact with your skin and the immediate environment. Thus overtime as you use you’re CPAP, its efficacy will be lowered. Additionally, due to the accumulation of the above compounds bacteria can easily grow and cause a skin infection around your face. Thus maintenance of the machine is very important if you want its efficacy to remain the same. One way of keeping the machine clean from the outside is to wipe it with a detergent. But then a problem arises due to the use of chemicals in those detergents, while they will remove any stain, they will also cause irritation of the skin etc.

What is the Contour Cpap Mask Spray?

The Contour CPAP Mask Spray

The Contour Cpap Mask Spray is a specially formulated mixture which will remove all forms of dirt such as stains, grease, oils in a natural manner without the use of any chemicals. This spray when used regularly will allow you to maintain your CPAP and increase its life and usability.

Why Use the Contour CPAP Mask Spray?

This product is made completely of natural ingredients (extracts from plants such as coconut and others). It contains absolutely zero chemicals and does not have any unpleasant smell. It will help you keep your CPAP mask and machine fresh and clean.

Highlights of the Contour CPAP Mask Spray

  • Completely natural
  • Free of alcohol
  • Free of latex
  • Allows you to clean your machine everyday
  • Safe for regular use
  • Effective in removing stains, grease, oils etc
  • No unpleasant smell

Customer Feedback from Amazon

Positive Comments:

  • “I detect no offensive odour to this product… it works well and removes any oily substances with light rubbing… I’m ordering more”
  • “This product has no smell… This cleaner has a pump spray, which works well…it does a great job!”
  • “great item… works great at keeping my mask clean… is also good for cleaning the tubes also”

Negative Comments:

  • “wish I could say the product was great… but for me I notice a not so pleasing smelling odour on my mask afterward”

Verdict on the Contour CPAP Mask Spray

From my research I have found that this product is great. It is completely natural, contains no chemicals and it truly does work on all type of stains and removes them with a little rubbing. All in all it is a great product which works to keep your CPAP clean.

The only negative I found was:

  1. Smell: Some people (a small group) noticed an offensive odour on their CPAP masks after using this spray. This smell prevented them from using their masks.

But the above problem was faced by a very small number of people. Most of the users found no offensive smell emitting from their CPAP masks after use of the CPAP mask spray. So my verdict is that try the bottle from a friend or store to see if you notice any offensive smell. In most cases you will not, however if you do then you do not need to purchase the machine.

Final Words on the Contour CPAP Mask Spray

I hope my candid review of the Contour CPAP Mask Spray was helpful to you. Feel free to visit Amazon to read more about the product and read other product reviews.

One Comment

  1. I find the Contour CPAP Mask Spray to be very useful. Thanks for the review.