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CPAP Mask Boiling

What I meant by “boiling” your CPAP mask is simply dunking it in hot water with a temperature of 90⁰ C. While not actually boiling, it is necessary if you plan on keeping your CPAP mask clean. The hot water will do two things:
Kill any microorganisms that can cause you to become ill
Remove stains and grease from the CPAP mask

Why should you boil your CPAP Mask?

CPAP Mask boiling is necessary to keep the mask clean.

Over time if your CPAP mask is not cleaned regularly, bacterial cultures can easily start growing on the mask by feeding on the oils released by your face. Additionally CPAP masks with prolonged usage tend to accumulate dirt from the surrounding environment along with oil stains from the oil secreted by your face while you sleep. Thus it is necessary to clean your mask regularly. The best way to clean any surface is by using heat (since it will kill any harmful microorganisms) along with water (which will remove the stains and dirt). This is why dunking your CPAP mask in near boiling water helps to keep it clean and fresh.

When should the CPAP Mask boiling be done?

If you regularly maintain your CPAP mask by using the CPAP wipes then you do not have to boil your mask every alternative day i.e. once or twice a week should do. However if you do not use the CPAP wipes or any other product to clean your mask then make sure to boil your mask every alternative day.
The best time to boil your mask or place it in hot water would be in the morning. This will ensure that the mask is completely dry and safe to use by the night,thus allowing you to use it at night.

Things to Take Care of While Boiling the CPAP Mask

Things to Take Care of While Boiling the CPAP Mask

Different CPAP masks are made of different materials, while most of them are heat resistant make sure to ask your doctor or sleep specialist before you try it. Also ensure that the water you use is not very hot i.e. boiling (100⁰C). If you make the mistake of using boiling water then you will damage your CPAP mask (every time you do so, a little bit of the mask will also melt away, so make sure that the temperature is in the nineties). So make sure that you do not actually boil your mask, just dunk it in hot water and remove it immediately.
As long as you take care of the above, boiling your CPAP mask should be a safe process which keeps it clean and increases its life.