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Give Your Child A Right Amount Of Melatonin Dosage

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder Is Available In Maximum Children Today

The ratio of children who are having sleep disorders is increasing with a great speed, still it is not being considered seriously. There is hardly any doctor who knows the right way to get a child out from the clutches of such sleep disorders. So, how it will be eradicated from our children’s life is becoming a major subject of today. Can Melatonin which helps correcting circadian rhythm be useful for children or not or what amount should be given to children of Melatonin… the answer of such questions may help you to find solution for this problem and here in this article, you will get all related information in this regard.

Melatonin Therapy For Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

The melatonin therapy is a proven solution that has helped several children as well as adults to control sleep disorders. Some experts believe that in children the mild disorders like circadian rhythm can be managed through various techniques like strict hygiene sleep, hypnotics, intensive labour behavior modification etc. However, taking melatonin therapy to help children, it is seen that more than 75 percent children have quickly responded. So, these facts have made melatonin therapy an accurate solution for CRSD in both children and adults.

Overview Of Melatonin

Mainly, it is a hormone that develops in human brain and it regulates human sleeping pattern. So, a balanced amount of melatonin is essential in brain and if the amount gets reduced then, a person starts facing difficulty in sleeping.  Moreover, it can be said that it is an indication of circadian rhythm disability. To fulfill the need to melatonin in brain, you can use various supplements that are specially made for completing need of melatonin. These

Children And Melatonin

melatonin supplements should be taken as per prescribed dosage amount and in for children, the recommended amount is very small.

Melatonin Overdose Can Prove A Wrong Decision

When treating children, it is necessary to take every step very carefully.  It is because children are very delicate and sensuous and their body quickly gets affected. So, when you are giving medication to your child for any of his health issue, make sure for right dosage amount. Especially melatonin overdose as it can put a negative effect on your child’s body. For the best results from melatonin supplement, it is recommended to give dosage from 2.5 mg to 10 mg to your children. This is a safe amount for a child. In beginning, keep the amount lower and you can increase it with time for having desired results.

Side Effects Of Melatonin Overdose

There are so many side effects that may trouble your child due to melatonin overdose. These side effects include dangerous allergies or reactions on child’s body. Sometimes, it can cause swelling in face, lips or tongue of children or breathing issues. It has several other effects that can trouble your child like headaches, stomach ache and drowsiness. These side effects are varied and depend on the amount of the dosage consumed. In critical cases, melatonin overdose may cause weakness, confusion, lethargy, speech impediments, seizures, disorientation etc.