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How long does it take Valerian Root to work?

It is necessary for people to know how long valerian root takes to work in order to be able to get the maximum effect out of it. It might work on daily basis and can also be helpful in coping with problems like blood pressure in the long term.

The Dose for Valerian Root & How Long it Takes to Work?

The working of valerian herbs mostly depends upon the amount of supplement you are taking. One should look at the bottle of the medicine and follow the instructions accordingly. It has been suggested that one capsule should be taken a day. For some people, 1 capsule might prove to be effective and the person would see the immediate effect, however in other cases, three capsules might not work that efficiently and the person would not see any positive effect for over weeks. A doctor should be consult in the latter case, since over dosage can have side effects.

The best advice would be to start with 1 and see how you feel, don’t “overdose”.

How long does it take Valerian Root to work

Strength of the Herb

also has a big impact on how long it takes to work

Apart from dosage, it also depends upon the strength of capsules one is taking. 2 – 10 grams are considered suitable in a day if it is the crude herb. Whereas the minimum strength of capsules required, varies from person to person. Strong dosages are taken if the person is having sleep disorders like insomnia. However, expert’s advice should be everyone’s first priority.

Effects of Valerian Root

The effectiveness and working of valerian root mainly depends upon two categories of constituents. The first category includes volatile oil and the second comprises of iridoids.

The sedation starts to take place as the gamma amino butyric, present in the synaptic cleft increases in amount. The valerian extract can cause the release of GABA from brain nerve ending and then blocking it from going back.

Such changes in the nervous system enable the sedation to take place, and the person is able to go to sleep.

It has been found, that even in the normal cases of insomnia, the supplement might take a couple of days for starting to work. One it has begun then the immediate effects can be seen from day to day. Or it can even take weeks in some cases as well.


  1. Starting out with Valerian. Is 530mg, one at night sufficient?

    • Hi John,
      Nowadays there are a lot of different products on the market, so maybe check with your doctor if you are unsure or definitely read the label of whichever product you purchased.
      Best of luck!