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How to stop snoring | Home remedies

How to stop snoring by understanding the causes of snoring

There are various reasons behind snoring, which you can read about in “Why people snore”. It is important to understand the reasons which cause you to snore, because it would be a little silly to get a solution for your throat if the problem is in your nose. So make sure you pinpoint, at least roughly, the cause so you can use home remedies to stop snoring.

How to stop snoring using various sleep positions

People tend to snore more when they sleep on their back. This is due to gravity pulling down the top side tissues and reducing the size of the air passage. So something you can easily do in the comfort of your home bedroom is to sleep on one of the sides. It does take time to get used to sleeping in a different position, but if you notice that this helps then do force yourself to get used to it as this is a very easy and free solution for snoring.

Alternatively you could be snoring on one of the sides due to a blockage in one of your nostrils, so again, try to switch to another side or even the back and see if the snoring goes away.

How to stop snoring paying attention to your pillow

The pillow changes the alignment of your body and so it does matter which kind of a pillow you use. Of course using one of the anti snore pillows would be the best, but otherwise you can go for a firm flat pillow or try sleeping without any pillow. The aim is to try to get the neck to be as horizontal as possible which would create the largest passage for the air and hopefully make you stop snoring.

How to stop snoring by elevating your upper body

You can get gravity to work for you if you elevate your upper body. You can do this by crawling up higher on the pillow, using special kinds of pillows or elevating the top part of your mattress or your bed. This method can help tackle nasal congestion.

How to stop snoring by losing weight

This is for people who are overweight. The extra fat that you gain over time is distributed all over and inside of your body. The enlarged neck creates a huge pressure on the windpipe or the air passage and shrinks its size making it more and more difficult for the air to pass through as you breathe. Therefore, in order to stop snoring and improve your overall health in general you can lose the excess weight.

How to stop snoring by avoiding alcohol and pills

A lot of people out there take sleeping pills or drink a certain amount of alcohol and both of these can cause snoring. The reason why this happens is because the muscles which keep the air passage open become too relaxed and therefore unable to do their job. So something you can easily do is avoid sleeping pills, other relaxants and alcohol and check if this solves your snoring problems.


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