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Pillows for snoring

Pillows for snoring: Introduction

People snore because their breathing airways are to a greater or lesser degree obstructed and the tissue along the airway starts vibrating due to the air movement which creates the sound.

For a number of people it is possible to solve the problem of snoring just by changing the sleeping position. Different sleeping positions have distinctive consequences on the air passageways. Some squeeze the passage and make it worse and others open it up thereby helping the person breathe easier.

Pillows for snoring help the person to use the best position possible in order to have the minimal obstruction. They usually do this by aligning the head, the neck and the spine of the person straight to the side keeping a horizontal unobstructed path for breathing.

These pillows also try to prevent people from sleeping on their backs as this position is not ideal and results in snoring for many people. Some pillows even position your jaw.

Pillows for snoring: Do they work?

Nobody can guarantee if the pillows will 100% work for you. Perhaps they will and perhaps they will not. But it is a worthwhile solution to try because it is not terribly expensive and if it works it will greatly improve your sleep and the sleep of anyone in your house.

Furthermore, the pillows will have a higher chance to work for you if the snoring is the result of mild obstruction in the air passageway, however, if there is a more complicated issue, then you should go see a doctor and try to discover the root cause of your snoring. One way you will know if you have a more complicated problem is if the pillows do not work.

Pillows for snoring: Top choices on Amazon

Here are two examples with very positive feedback on Amazon. The first one (Tri-Core Pillows) has 100+ customer reviews out of which 52 gave 5 stars and 32 gave 4 stars, so clearly it has helped the majority of the buyers. The second one (Splintek SleepRight) has 30+ reviews out of which 15 gave a 5 star rating.

Pillows for snoring: Conclusion

So to conclude:

  • You can try to sleep in different positions first and see if this helps your snoring problem.
  • You can try to use pillows for snoring (anti snore pillows)
  • You can combine improved position, the pillows together with nasal strips

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