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Mouth Piece for Snoring | Snore Ex Mouthpiece | REVIEWS

How Mouth Pieces for Snoring Work

What causes snoring for most people is when the tongue relaxes during sleeping and falls back against the soft palate and the uvula at the back of the mouth. As the tongue gets into contact with these tissues this restricts or blocks the access for the air passageway and creates a vibration in the soft palate or uvula and this vibration we call snoring. So the way a mouth piece for snoring or mouth piece for sleep apnea works is by displacing your lower jaw slightly forward, which consequently brings the tongue also forward and makes it impossible or at least more difficult for the tongue to block the air passageway.

Mouth Pieces for Snoring should be Comfortable

However, not all mouth pieces or mouth guards do a good job. For example, they need to be designed so they are comfortable for people to wear, because the studies have shown that no matter how effective the mouth piece for snoring may be, people are not going to wear it if it is very uncomfortable. This is especially true for the very cheap versions which they sell online, because these are made from inferior materials and often require extra maintenance (for example boiling before use), so do look for a bargain price but do not go blindly for the cheapest one.

Mouth Guards for Snoring should be made with soft flexible material – not Hard Plastic

Another factor which plays a role is that a lot of poorer quality mouth guards are sold as one size fits all, but the structure of people’s mouths is not exactly the same. There are people whose front teeth are a little bit in front of the lower teeth and in more extreme cases a lot more in front and this would be an issue when using a mouth piece which is designed with a more solid material as one size fits all.

The Bestseller Mouth Piece for Snoring on AMAZON: Snore-Ex REVIEW

(Update: Amazon does not sell Snore-Ex anymore, i don’t know if they are sold out or what, but i am happy i have all this data which i can share with you because it is not possible to see it on Amazon anymore)

A graph I made from all the reviews on Snore-ex Stop Snoring Mouth Piece on Amazon

With a staggering 529 reviews at the time of writing this article the Stop Snoring Mouth Piece made by Snore-Ex is the bestseller on Amazon. With so many people to satisfy it has managed to achieve a high 4 star rating broken down as shown here on the graph.

Here are two quotes from the manufacturer description, which shows us that the device is fully in line with the explanation I gave above on how the mouth piece for snoring should function.

Snore-Ex’s anti-snoring mouthpiece is an oral appliance used to help position and hold the lower jaw forward.”

“minimizes the most common snoring cause – soft palette vibrations in the rear of the mouth.”

And here is a quote from a buyer of the snore-ex mouthpiece which confirms that there are a lot of uncomfortable versions out there.

Snore-ex Stop Snoring Mouth Piece.

“I tried a mouth guard advertised on T.V., but it was very very

uncomfortable and nothing but a hard piece of plastic.”

The same buyer then searched around and found this bestseller on Amazon and after purchasing it she said the following which shows why this product is really superior to others:

“Upon recieving the mouth guard I molded it as instructed and it molded to my mouth/teeth perfectly! … I love this product and highly recommend you…”

Moreover, 295 people clicked that they liked her review of the device and found it helpful, which is a massive indication of a genuine quality feedback.

The second most popular review is from a physician who was supposed to undergo a surgery to try to solve his snoring problems, but decided to try out this Snore-Ex mouth piece for snoring before going to surgery and what a good decision this was because it fully solved his snoring problem. Another 183 people gave their approval to his review of this device.

An Alternative Mouthpiece: Doctor’S Nightguard

Doctor'S Nightguard Stop Snoring Mouth Piece.

Although there are only 9 reviews for the Doctor’S Nightguard this item stood out of the crowd to me for 2 reasons. One reason is that it is the 5th bestseller on Amazon for this category and the second reason is that it does not have any negative reviews with most of those people scoring 4 and 5 stars. Additionally, usually when people are happy they just enjoy their life, whereas when people are angry they want to communicate it, so knowing this makes sense why it is a best seller but has so few reviews. For a device less than 20 dollars I would definitely recommend people to try, because it has a huge chance of stopping snoring and in the worst case it is hardly any money to stress about.

Looking at the reviews, people were very happy to have such an inexpensive alternative to the custom fitted devices sold / prescribed by the dentists, which can be several hundred dollars or more.


  1. Hi. We bought the mouth piece for snoring you talk about here (actually before seeing your article), the snore-ex one and it worked really well for my husband.

  2. Very well made Snore Ex review and also I appreciate that you suggested alternatives