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Snore Guards | Stop Snoring Mouthpieces

Snore Guards are the perfect answer you have been searching for in order to help you with your harmful and shameful snoring problems. Snoring happens when there is some kind of a blocking for the air which is trying to pass through as we breathe. When the air tries to get through, it hits against the tissues and making the noise of snoring. This is the reason why overweight people are more prone of snoring problems because they have more fat tissues that blocks the flow of the air. Beside the fact that snoring can be irritating for people who are sleeping near you, snoring can also give you serious health problems in the long run.

It is better to work on your snoring problem by using simple snore guards at the earliest time you can so that it will not affect different aspects in your life. Snoring can be a big problem in your relationship as this can be stressful for your partner if he/she cannot sleep well because of your snoring sound. This can also bring up problems with your performance in the daytime at work since snoring can also give you trouble for you to have quality sleep. Most importantly, snoring is also associated with health problems like heart attack and stroke. You might as well work on your snoring habit soon!

How exactly snore guards can help?

The use of snore guards (also known as stop snore mouthpieces) has been proven helpful because of their effectiveness in eliminating snoring incidents and even sleep apnea. They work by holding the lower jaw to the front so that the airway will not be as much blocked. Wearing snore guards when sleeping will minimize the vibration of the tissues therefore eliminating snoring and its noise. In order for this device to work, you need to have the right snore guards that will fit in your mouth. In this case, you have a choice of having a snore guard that can be adjusted by yourself or you can have the service of a dentist in choosing a custom fitted one.

Considerations before using “Stop Snoring Mouthpieces

In general, the structure of the jaw and the irregular airflow in the throat are the main reasons of snoring. However, there are also other causes of snoring that you need to look at. Snore guards cannot help you if there are other factors that trigger your snoring aside from the position of your jaw. These factors include substances that promote muscle relaxation (alcohol or drugs), stuffy nose brought by cold or sinuses, fatty tissues in the throat (overweight people), and asthma and smoking. You can also help yourself by considering your sleep posture. Snoring tends to worsen when you are sleeping flat on your back because this can cause the muscles in your throat to be relaxed and block the airway passage. Snore guards work best if you will also avoid different factors that can aggravate your snoring problems.

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  1. well the snore guards for sure do their job, just a question of getting used to them and of course buying not a cheap quality one