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What Causes Snoring And How You Can Cure It

Snoring is a problem which not only affects the person him or herself but also family members, friends and especially the partner who sleeps with the person. This is why so many people search for snore cures in hopes of finding a solution once and for all. The good thing is that there are many cures available and below I explain in short and you can click the name to read in detail.

Snoring due to being overweight

You can make your own snore cure if your cause is the excess of weight. Nobody can really tell you 100% that you snore because of your weight or not, but this is one of the major factors and it is completely in your hands to fix this issue. Moreover, this will give you extra motivation to solve your weight issues which also will improve your health and many aspects of your life.

Somewhat connected to this is eating before going to bed. Generally, when speaking about sleep disorders it is often recommended not to eat at least 2 hours before going to bed.

Fixing your snoring with different positions

When you lie down in various positions you increase or reduce the passage which the air uses to travel. Some positions, like lying down on your back, have a higher chance of causing snoring, so one thing you can easily do is try to sleep in different positions and see if that will solve your problem.

Anti-snore pillows actually help in solving exactly this problem. They do this by aligning your body in such a way as to create the best possible (largest) passageway for air. For some people even raising the head slightly higher already solves the snoring problem.

Snoring due to being tired

A number of people snore when they are very tired. This is usually due to a continuous lack of sleep, probably because of our fast lives and work and family requirements. If you notice that you snore more when you are tired, try to get at least 8 hours of sleep per day and see if after 1 week you still have the problem.

Stopping snoring caused by muscle relaxants

People can find themselves beginning to snore when they start drinking red wine or alcohol in general and also when they take relaxants like sleeping pills or other medicines with similar effect. The reason this causes snoring is because it relaxes the throat muscles too much and therefore they are unable to do their job, which is to keep the air passage open. The smaller passage creates a higher pressure for air to pass through which can result in vibrations we call snoring. The easy ways to stop this kind of snoring is:

  • avoid these relaxants totally
  • at least not consume 4 hours before going to bed
  • eat more when you drink to absorb less alcohol
  • switch from higher % alcohol to lower one, for example switch from wine to beer

Curing snoring which originates from nasal blockage

If you are snoring because your nose is blocked or obstructed in such a way that the air can not freely pass then there is a very simple solution of using nasal strips. These strips do not create a big inconvenience at all and they have helped a lot of people in curing their snoring problems.

Curing snoring which originates from mouth/throat blockage

Here, one of the solutions is a product like breathe right snore relief throat spray. This is more of a mild solution and would therefore likely to work in those cases where there is no serious problem behind the snoring. However as it is rather affordable one can easily try and see if this helps or not – it has helped a lot of people so could help you too.

Another solution due to a mouth/throat blockage is the use of products like snore no more mouthpiece. There are also different options for mouth pieces where more maintenance needs to be done when using the cheaper versions and less on the more pricey ones. They work by slightly displacing the jaw in such a way as to increase the air passageway and therefore reduce or eliminate the snoring.

What if there is no snore cure?

If a solution can not be found or if the snore cure is simply not affordable then cheap products like snore calm foam ear plugs always help to fully block out the snoring noise and give a peaceful night of sleep. And there are many ear plugs available and very affordable prices.


  1. You layed out the snore cures in a very easy and nice way to understand. Thanks.

  2. I’ll talk with my mum to see if one of these snore cures will work on dad

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