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Is It Common To Not Be Able To Sleep After Drinking Red Wine?

Does Alcohol Consumption Prompts Sleep Disorders?

Yes, actually that’s pretty common. People sometimes think that alcohol will help them fall asleep but this is old and uneducated information which has been passed on generation to generation. Actually alcohol will not only inhibit sleep, it will promote sleeplessness, sleep disorders and cause all sorts of havoc on your system. Here is exactly what it does to you:

Red Wine Consumption May Cause Sleep Disorders

Alcohol Consumption May Cause Sleep Disorders:

  • Causes sleep disorders
  • Disrupts sleep cycles (both the order and the duration of them!)
  • Upsets the internal body clock which changes the total hours you sleep. You could for example wake up for example 4 hours after going to sleep and not be able to fall asleep
  • It can cause snoring and obstructive sleep apnea by blocking your breathing passages due to its sedative nature relaxing the throat muscles
  • Causes also dehydration

So We Must Stop Drinking Alcohol To Improve Sleep?

As a final comment of course ideally a healthy person does not need alcohol, but if you wish you can continue drinking it just try not to overdo it and keep it distant from the bed time. Allow time for the body to absorb it and get rid of it.