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Is Snoring A Sign That You Are In Deep Sleep?

No, not at all. Snoring is not a sign that you are in deep sleep. As a matter of fact deep sleep has nothing to do with snoring. You can be in deep sleep and snore or not snore. At the same time you can snore when you are in deep sleep or when you are half asleep.

Snoring can be said to be a sign that you are asleep or even half asleep, but definitely not deep sleep.

This is also very easy to realize if you think back on your life or lives of others. Do you remember anyone snoring while they are awake? No, because this is not really possible, the muscles are not relaxed and are fully holding the air passages open. So knowing this you can say snoring is a sign of being asleep.

Deep snoring is totally another issue however and has no connection with snoring.


  1. I don’t think snoring means that you are in deep sleep because my grandma snores all the time and she is a very light sleeper – wakes up very often.

  2. I was actually just wondering about exactly this – snoring and deep sleep, thanks for the post