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Natural Remedies for Jet Lag

Jet lag is a kind of Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder that is caused by a sudden change in time zones. People who usually travel to other countries with opposite time zones usually suffer from jet lag. Although jet lag is not a permanent circadian rhythm sleep disorder, it can still have negative side effects to a person’s overall health and performance. Jet lag is felt or experienced when a person already arrived to another time zone that is very different from his or her normal time zone. Jet lag is characterized by difficulty falling asleep at night, fatigue, and unable to wake up in the morning. There are natural ways and herbs that can help in preventing and/or quickening a person’s adjustment period in the new time zone.

Garlic for Jet Lag

Natural Remedy for Jet Lag: Milk + Garlic

Even though garlic has no medical evidence to support its effectiveness to help treat jet lag, garlic contains properties that can help soothe or relax a person to sleep. Especially when garlic is used together with warm milk, garlic’s warming effect with milk’s calming effect can really be effective in putting someone to sleep. Garlic has no known side effects, however, people with known hot flashes (pregnancy), they should take garlic with caution, for garlic can trigger excessive hot flashes that can excite the uterus of pregnant women, which can cause premature labor.

Valerian Root for Jet Lag

Valerian Root

Valerian has known sedative effects that can help in promoting sleep. In cases of jet lag, valerian root is used to help adjust a person to the new time zone by helping him or her to sleep according to his or her desired time. What makes valerian root different and better from other herbs as a sedative is that valerian root has no known addictive substances and it can’t make a person feel groggy or feeling not well rested the next morning.

Chamomile Tea for Jet Lag

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is commonly used as a decoction or tea. Chamomile tea is commonly taken before going to bed. Chamomile has relaxing effects that can help in promoting drowsiness and sleep. For people with jet lag and can’t fall asleep at night, drinking a cup of warm chamomile tea can help in promoting drowsiness, which can result in sleep. Chamomile tea can’t totally treat or eliminate jet lag, but chamomile tea can help a person adjust to the new time zone faster by promoting sleep during the night or during appropriate times.