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Red Wine Snoring | Wine and Snoring

It is not a surprise for people to start snoring after drinking red wine or alcohol in general. The reason why this happens is because alcohol acts or is a relaxant and therefore very much relaxes your muscles – when it comes to snoring we are talking about the throat muscles which keep the air passages open when you sleep.

And so what happens is that the air passage somewhat collapses and since you still try to breathe the same amount of air it now has to pass through a tighter opening and this can create vibration which we know as snoring.

So what options do the red wine snoring people have?

Can we not drink alcohol and not snore?

Well, the good news is that there are options. See the below snore cures, try them and see which will work the best for you while keeping your comfort as high as possible.

  • Starting with the most obvious one – stop drinking alcohol. If this is possible at all for you then you should know that you will gain numerous other health benefits and not only stop your snoring. If not, read on.
  • Switch from red wine to beer. What? This works? Yes, actually this can work for some people because beer has less alcohol % content compared to wine. Wine is in average around 12% alcohol while beer is around 4%, so assuming the same quantity you will end up consuming less alcohol and this will result in less relaxation of the muscles, which may stop your snoring.
  • Eat more when you drink. This helps the body absorb less alcohol and therefore result in the same as described above.
  • Do not drink red wine or alcohol 4 hours before going to bed if this is possible. For some casual drinkers this is the same as option #1, but otherwise, this allows your body to recover and therefore you will likely not snore.


  1. I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of red wine snoring info that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this beneficial content.

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  3. I like red wine, is there anything you can take to overcome the effects or red wine insomnia? Regardless of what i drink, beer, scotch, etc. it the same effect. I find it affects my social life, because I usually end up as the designated driver, but can’t engage in the fun.

    • Perhaps you can enjoy the wine in moderation and earlier in the day rather than before sleep. Finally gotta make choices of what is important in your life, the ability to enjoy socially and sleep well or to drink.
      I hope this helped,
      Best of luck to you!