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Sexomnia Sleep Disorder – What is it?

Sexomnia is a (rare) sleep disorder (also known as “sleep sex”) which causes the person suffering from it to do any kind of sexual related actions while in the state of sleep or in the state of non-awareness.

The actions can include either the person alone or can also include a complete intercourse experience with their partner and in extreme cases it can become violent. It is very important to note that the person with sexomnia does not remember at all what he or she is doing while sleeping and will have no recollection afterwords.

Sexomnia Facts

  • Sexomnia is classified as a parasomnia
  • If someone has Sexomnia they are very likely to also have sleep walking
  • There is no memory recollection afterwards – nothing is remembered
  • Stress and alcohol makes it worse or have negative effects such as increase the frequency of actions
  • Frequency of sexomnia actions is not high, perhaps once per month in average, but naturally much higher or lower depending on specific cases
  • There is no cure for sexomnia that is known at this time

Sexomnia Quotes from Sufferers

  • “…would wake up in the middle of sex with my wife…”
  • “…talk actively in my sleep… fiancé kicked me out of bed claiming that I tried to have sex with her and I don’t remember any of that…”
  • “… (boyfriend) he’s gone through a complete intercourse without waking up at all…”

Other Sleep Disorders connected with Sexomnia

If someone has sexomnia then chances are high that they have also these sleep disorders:

  • Sleep walking
  • Sleep talking
  • Sleep apnea
  • Night terrors
  • Bed wetting

Final words on “Sexomnia Sleep Disorder – What is it?”

I hope this article was helpful to you and if you are suffering from this sleep disorder then at least you know that you are not the only one who has sexomnia and although there is no treatment the best thing is to talk to your partner and explain to them that it is a sleep disorder like sleep walking where you do not have control over it.


  1. wow i didn’t know at all about sexomnia… not even sure if its a good thing or a bad thing…

  2. this is pretty amazing, i didn’t know about sexomnia at all

  3. This happened to me last night, totally freaked me out, partner doesn’t remember, so glad I’ve seen this, made doctors appointment instead of ending things, we live and we learn 😱