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Sleep apnea and exercise

Sleep apnea can make you weary and very tired. This ailment characterized by sleepless nights and restless days is more or less due to our very unbalanced and disturbed lifestyle. The factors that are said to be responsible in this entire trauma are drinking alcohol, cigarette smoking, unhealthy eating habits and obesity. It is now evident that by adopting a lifestyle that is healthier and much according to the very nature of human beings, we can at least solve problem of our restless nights. Keeping in view major role of obesity in sleep apnea it is now evident that exercise does play a very major role in maintaining your biological clock for sleep routine.

Our biological clock and sleeping habits:

Our biological clock is the mechanism with the help of which our mind sets our everyday routine. When we disturb our routine life and there is no set time for eating, sleeping and working that mechanism is brutally affected and as a result many of our body functions are disturbed. Take for example sleeping habit. One day you sleep after midnight, second day its early morning and the third day the routine is still worse. Your mind will become confused and the message conveyed to your sensory organs to shut down work will also create fuss. This interruption in routine will result in restless nights and a very weary tiresome life resulting in sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea and exercise

So should we exercise?

I know many of you are dead bore of constant reminder about exercising. Mom, dad, girl friend, gym, teacher and every single person seems to take responsibility of encouraging you to exercise. Here I am another one in the list. Believe me exercise dead boring as it may sound can make your life much easier. You can get rid of obesity, you can manage your lifestyle, no one will ever blame you of leading a monotonous life and most of all you will get a healthy and fresh body and mind.

Exercise and sleep apnea:

It is now evident from many that sleep apnea can be at least reduced to a much lower level with the help of exercise. When our body is our metabolism works and the health remains fit. Also if you set a routine of exercise your brain will respond and there will be a fixing in your biological clock making it able to track the time for different events. Exercising will also make your breathing even, specially aerobic exercises in which breathing is done more rigorously, your system will get more oxygen and in turn less interruption while you are sleeping. Exercise not just help you in making your lifestyle healthy but will also help in solving problem of sleep apnea.

One Comment

  1. I definitely did not know that sleep apnea and exercise are connected. I am much more the kind of person who does not exercise, so I will think maybe to start something. Thanks