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Circadian Clock Gene Has An Important Role In Weight Gain

Do you know that there is a close connection between your body’s circadian rhythm and weight gain?  Circadian rhythm is your body’s internal clock that is responsible for your body’s sleep wake cycle. This internal body clock has a lot to do with body’s weight. Managing body’s timing the circadian rhythms also governs the metabolism of our body. Hence, with every weight loss program it is very important that the equal amount of importance should also be given to circadian rhythm.

Our Body’s Circadian Rhythms Also Governs Metabolism Of Our Body

A New Ideology On Body’s Weight Gain Process

It has been discovered by the scientist of Medical college of Wisconsin and University of Virginia that a gene that actively takes part in the functioning of body’s biological clock also controls body’s metabolism. The research was initially conducted on a group of mice in which the Nocturnin, a gene regulated by body’s biological clock (circadian rhythm) in the organs and tissues of mammals, was missing. Study on these mice revealed that these mice were resistant to weight gain even after putting them on high fat diet. They are also found resistant to excess fat buildup in the liver. This new idea on the weight gain will potentially lead to new treatment methods and alternative therapies for inhibiting obesity.

Each Body Cell Has Its Own Circadian Clock Gene

Now it is very much clear in the medical circle that disruption in our body clock (circadian rhythm) that governs body’s sleep wake cycle affects the body in much grater ways than was previously believed. Every new study reveals something unique about circadian rhythm. It is clear thorough a research that each of our body cell has its own circadian clock genes that help in regulating bodies entire processes. If circadian clock is disrupted by any of the reason including irregular bedtimes, jet lag, eating more at night, shift work, over times, it result in weigh gain and depression.  The person whose circadian rhythm is thrown off by any of the above reason is always on an increased risk of liver and heart problems.

Circadian Rhythm And Obesity

Regulating Proper Time Of Eating Can Increase The Effectiveness Of Any Weigh Loss Program

Since it has been discovered that disruptions in circadian rhythm may cause obesity and lot of other disease in the body and also the circadian rhythm found in each of the body cell help treat disease in a greater extent such as diabetes, colitis and obesity has led to a growing amount of researches in the field. Each one contributes to some deeper knowledge about the subject. Clinical trials are also being conducted to find out a perfect time of the day to eat that can reduce obesityand can help gain less weight. Another theory on the same is that the intestinal bacteria are highly or very less active at the certain time of the day. So, intake of fat, regularly, at the less active hours of the bacteria may cause obesity in a person.

An Effective Weigh Loss Program

The series of researches that are going on in the field may prove helpful for the people who have hard time controlling their weight. Time management is must to exercise in our daily life. Regulating proper time of sleep and eating can increase the effectiveness of any weigh loss program. It is important to consider these scientific theories related with body’s circadian rhythm and also take them into consideration whenever you begin with your weight loss program.