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Sleep Deprivation Effects | Side Effects

Sleep deprivation effects can greatly affect one’s life, physically and mentally. Sleep deprivation is a disorder (chronic or acute) that causes an individual to stay awake during sleeping hours. Those who experience this are often restless and have a hard time sleeping. It adversely affects the function of the brain, causes fatigue, weight changes (weight loss or weight gain). Sleep is important, two, three hours is just not sufficient, the body requires 8 hours of sleep to regain strength. Naps cannot replace sleep, it just temporarily relieves drowsiness. However, during the daytime, some people find it difficult to stay awake and constantly nod off, causing them to have an abnormal life : sleepy during daytime and awake at night time. The body functions poorly, reflexes are slow and wounds take longer to heal. Obviously, sleep deprivation effects are not good and can lead to other complications.

Sleep deprivation effects result in negative changes in you. This photo shows a man who is irritable due to of lack of sleep.

Sleep Deprivation Effects can Destroy Your Life

Sleep deprivation effects can result to impaired human function and adversely affect motor performance. If sleep deprivation symptoms are evident, then, it is advisable to consult a doctor. One of the most frequently asked question is “how will i know if I am experiencing sleep deprivation symptoms”? Face the mirror, do you have dark circles under the eyes, or have puffy eye bags? Often irritable, tired, cannot concentrate, moody, experiencing memory loss and sudden change of appetite? If you answered yes to any two of these, you just confirmed that you have turned into a zombie.

Literally you are present but your body and mind are probably in another dimension. Some do not take this seriously, but once they experience absence of sleep for a long period of time, they become aware that this is no ordinary situation. When you start realizing days are passing by unnoticed then you know that sleep deprivation effects have started to destroy your life.  Nobody can survive without sleep. It’s the body’s way of restoring the mind and repairing damage caused by different factors.

What’s the Worst Thing That Can Happen? – Effects of Lack of Sleep

Sleep Deprivation Effects & Possible Death

If neglected it can lead to numbness, hallucination and paranoia, these are just some of the horrible effects of lack of sleep. Without sleep, the immune system weakens and makes an individual prone to illnesses. Cardiovascular disease, mental problems, blurred vision and obesity are serious effects of lack of sleep.

Sleep deprivation effects can take away your life, a person who can’t sleep over long periods of time is not normal. Work and people around you can be equally affected by it, imagine if you are working as a school bus driver and you’ve been awake for three nights, what will happen? There is a high possibility that you will meet an accident, you are putting your life at risk and also those who are with you. This is a serious condition that can happen to everybody, but the problem is that most people lack awareness and take the situation as a normal condition. Effects of sleep deprivation are alarming, if you are experiencing some of the symptoms consult a doctor immediately.

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  1. I didn’t give much importance to sleep until all these sleep deprivation effects really kicked in and ruined almost 2 weeks of my life