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Sleep Deprivation Treatment

People who live in a stressful and busy environment often suffer from sleeping disorders. In such a case sleep deprivation treatment must be seriously considered. What exactly is sleep deprivation? It is a situation where in the body doesn’t get sufficient sleep, it is a condition that anyone can experience, even children. Too much workload, a busy social life, anxiety and stress can affect sleeping patterns which can result in sleep deprivation.

Some of the examples of sleep disorders are restlessness, snoring, insomnia and sleep apnea. As a solution, people find ways to treat this condition, sleep deprivation treatment must be appropriate to the type of sleep disorder an individual experiences. Whether it is psychological or physical, it must be determined distinctly in order to apply the most beneficial solution.

What are the Available Sleep Deprivation Treatments?

Once a patient experiences sleep deprivation symptoms like, irritability, memory loss, appetite changes, poor concentration, uneasiness and slow reaction, the immediate action is to find a sleep deprivation treatment. Sudden or unusual change in a person’s sleeping habit is a sign that they need to seek professional help.

Here are some of common treatments:

  • Sound therapy – via brainwave entertainment is in a form of a CD wherein the sound emitted resemble a person’s brain waves, the rhythm is less erratic which calms and promote relaxation. It is safe to use, there’s no risk of dependency and long term drawbacks.
  • Bright-light treatment – a form of therapy that exposes an individual’s eyes to intense but safe amounts of light, tested on soldiers (30 minutes per day)who came back from the battle.
  • Diet change – cut down caffeine products such as alcohol, smoking and soda
  • Enrolling in exercise programs – studies show that people who exercise sleep better, the body needs to move around every once in a while.

Treatment for Sleep Deprived Sleep Apnea Persons

In those cases where sleep deprivation is due to sleep apnea modern technology has provided a solution using CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. It is a device specifically designed to provide compressed air with enough pressure (titrated pressure) which is sufficient to induce normal breathing. CPAP is an apparatus composed of a machine, air outlet similar to a mask placed on the face and air path that is directly leading to nostrils. Modern CPAPs come in convenient forms like pillows to promote better sleep.

Why Sleep Deprivation Must Never be Neglected?

Prevention is better than cure, why suffer from sleep deprivation effects when you can do something about this? If neglected, it can lead to serious complications; some of the sleep deprivation effects can affect an individual’s physical and mental capabilities. Most of the time, they find themselves having difficulty in staying awake, often drowsy and nodding off.

Sleep deprivation slows down the mental awareness, response, memory loss and sharpness of thoughts. Reflexes are delayed which result to clumsiness, others experience fainting, headaches and nausea, the body is more prone to sickness because of weak immune system. Some are moody, irritable and cannot focus, this clearly indicates that the effects are not good and can even bring danger to an individual. Although this can be felt by everyone, there are certain levels that will determine if you are suffering from sleep disorder and in need of a sleep deprivation treatment.


  1. I don’t know about sound therapy but I heard very positive things about bright light application like through those light therapy lamps.

  2. i knew about bright light therapy as a treatment for sleep deprivation but i didnt know anything about a sound treatment – very interesting

  3. This was a very helpful article on sleep deprivation treatment and different options and also thanks for the video that you attached at the end