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Sleep Deprivation | Symptoms And Looks Of A Sleep Deprived Person

Sleep deprivation means regular the lack of quality sleep. This condition can affect ones’ everyday activities and have devastating consequences on critical parts of life. Mostly tiredness and edginess are considered symptoms of sleep deprivation but according to doctors there are various symptoms which could really distort the life of an individual.

Chronic Sleep Deprivation:

Chronic sleep deprivation is when someone is used to insufficient hours of sleep. It slowly becomes a habit especially when person is addicted to the use of caffeine; it’s hard to make up for chronic sleep deprivation. The very common symptom of this state is that the person will remain neither fully awake nor asleep, things will start appearing quite blurry. In the long run devastating negative effects on the person’s physical and mental health are inescapable unless serious measures are taken without any delay.

Sleep Deprived Person

Acute Sleep Deprivation:

Sometimes due to work load a person is unable to sleep for couple of nights which can be fulfilled by taking complete shut eye for few nights.

Non-Apparent Symptoms of Sleeping Disorders:

I’ll mention the symptoms which have been noted after number of subjects were used in the research in order to understand the symptoms of sleep deprivation. Growth in stress stricken hormones is a common symptom. Heart beat will keep on rising along with the blood pressure. The immune system will produce fewer antibodies than usual. Sympathetic condition will take over the nervous system.

Apparent and Visible Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

Then there are symptoms of sleep deprivation like people get irritated easily and lose inhibitions. People often tend to get more moody than usual. These are the initial symptoms and if these are ignored the individual will experience short term memory loss. Person won’t be able to perform multiple tasks at same time. At times, people might experience the inability to speak with fluency. One could lose the power to concentrate. Due to the edginess people get defiant and sometimes furious. One of the most common symptoms is sleeping during day time which indicates that there is some abnormal change in the sleeping schedule of a person. People don’t realize that they are actually drunk due the sleeping disorder. People who don’t sleep during nights often get headaches in daytime and feel the need of caffeine.  Some people are unable to open eyes in sun. Women suffering from sleep deprivation have more mood swings than usual and it definitely puts adverse effect on their menstrual cycle.