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Sleeping Sickness Symptoms

Comprehend Sleeping Sickness & Its Symptoms

Sleeping sickness which also referred as human African trypanosomiasis is an illness that mostly is found in sub Saharan African region which is caused by FPTB that stands for flagellate protozoan trypanosome brucei. The FPTB exists in two identical species naming TBR and TBG. These parasites transmit to individuals by infected bites of tsetse flies. These tsetse flies usually exist in Africa only. The disease displays several types of symptoms by which one can recognize if you are suffering from sleeping sickness or not. Check on following information to determine the knowledge about sleeping sickness symptoms.

Common Sleeping Sickness Symptoms Include Fever, Joint Pain, Itching and Headaches

When a tsetse fly bites a person, it causes soreness to that place and some of the symptoms take months or weeks of time to get visible. Headaches, fever, itching or joint pains are considered as common symptoms of this disease. The symptoms occur as a parasite grows in blood stream and also develop through immune system of the body which helps fighting with body infection. The symptoms in a person with TBG sleeping sickness disease are often take months or years of time to get visible.

Symptoms Related To Neurological System

When parasite gets matured in human blood stream, it eventually passes through the blood barrier to brain and gets entry to central nervous system of an individual. It happens at time when the symptoms of neurological system get featured to African sleeping sickness development. The basic neurological symptoms include mood disorders, confusion, bad headaches, changed attitude and behavior changes. It also happens when sleeping habits get altered and sleep cycle gets affected. In such condition, patients often feel sleepy in daytime and they wake up at night. If the condition is not getting treated, it can be fatal.

 Weight Loss & Other Complications

Some people with African sleeping sickness have come up with a non-specific symptom which is weight loss. When the disease gets milder, the symptom gets clearer and more evident. In advanced stage of sleeping sickness, several patients have reported with meager size reduction. Apart from weight loss, sleeping sickness consists to several complications. Injury is a common complication that generally occurs while falling asleep when doing some tasks or driving etc. In this disease, sleep gets uncontrollable and thus, one ultimately leads to milder complication like coma. In addition to it, myocarditis which is heart inflammation can also develop due to sleeping sickness.

Prevention Ideas For Sleeping Sickness

To prevent sleeping sickness from affecting a person, the foremost step should be calling a good health provider. Discuss your issue and have a thorough diagnosis of your condition. Getting treatment as early as possible is highly recommended to avoid severe complications. In addition to it, there are certain medications and infections that can help protecting a person from the severity of sleeping sickness positively and the injections include Pentamidine which is used against T. Gambiense. Along with injection, measures of insect control will also prove beneficial for sleeping sickness.