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Shift Work Disorder Medication

Shift work disorder medication is one of the imperative things a person needed who is suffering from the shift work disorder. This is a...

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Narcolepsy – Is It An Autoimmune Disorder That Causes EDS

Narcolepsy is a daytime drowsiness, cataplexy, hypnagogic hallucinations and irregular sleep at night. The sleep disorder is commonly...

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Why Does Red Wine Make It Hard To Sleep?

Red wine is made from different varieties of grapes which are dark coloured and it is known to have a number of sleeping issues associated...

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Nuvigil for Circadian Rhythm Disorders – Shift Work Disorder

Shift Work Disorder (SWD) is a disorder of the cardiac rhythm of our body. This happens when the internal sleep-wake cycle of the body...

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Best Medication for Narcolepsy

There is no specific cure for narcolepsy. However, there are some medications that can manage its symptoms. Searching for the best...

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Factors Affecting Sleep

Nutrition: too little/too much food near bedtime Caffeine: long half life; can affect or delay sleep Alcohol: shortens sleep onset &...

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