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Nuvigil for Circadian Rhythm Disorders – Shift Work Disorder

Shift Work Disorder (SWD) is a disorder of the cardiac rhythm of our body. This happens when the internal sleep-wake cycle of the body does not go along with the work schedule of the person. Usually the person feels very sleepy during the time that he needs to keep himself awake, and may have difficulty staying asleep during sleeping hours.

Nuvigil can help improve the wakefulness of a person with Shift Work Disorder.

Wakefulness for a Person with SWD with Nuvigil

Nuvigil is a medication that is made for improving the wakefulness of a person with SWD or other circadian rhythm disorders. There has been a research that proved the effectiveness of Nuvigil. The study was conducted to 254 patients with SWD for 12 weeks.

There has been a significant improvement in the wakefulness of the person with SWD who took Nuvigil during working hours, compared to the other people who were only given a placebo pill.

No Effect on the Patient’s Ability to Sleep

The primary function of the drug is to keep the person awake. This may worry a lot of people, thinking that it may affect their ability to sleep during the time that they actually need to sleep. But this is good news because though the drug is quite effective, the patient will still be able to sleep during sleeping time.

Discuss with Your Doctor Your Hours of Work

The drug does not know the time that you actually need to work. This is the reason why you need to consult your doctor first before you take this medication. The doctor will know the dosage and the time you are supposed to take your medication to achieve its desired effects.

One Comment

  1. hello, my story is a long one so i shall try to keep it short. my name is bob. I have worked nightshifts for over 10 years initially in the security industry and now retail. prior to my new job ( 6 months ago ) I had no sleep or mental health issues ( which is still to be determined ) yes i was one of those people who had a beer when i got home from work and it relaxed me I also used to smoke social drugs. Just before the end 2015 I got food poisoning and had ( just 2 nights off work ) then 2 weeks after that i got the noro virus and then had ( just 1 night off night ) my boss, this is official by the way, he asked me if i had a drinking problem as i had been seen buying alcohol on several occasions after i had finished my shift. this was a massive blow to me in so many different ways. i could not believe he would say that my recent illness and time off work were in his opinion alcohol related. i no longer drink alcohol at all and it didnt really bother me that much as i never did have a problem. I believe that was the trigger as since then my sleep has been very erratic i also think that i am suffering with some kind of anxiety or stress disorder as well as possibly being diabetic. with all this i had an underlying problem with a tooth that needed to be extracted ( that’s done ) . with my new job i had t change address and therefore re-register with a new doctor this has not happened yet. my faith with people ( especially if their going to be messing with my head or body ) is at an all time low, my attitude needs to improve i know that , it will be a hard journey. I could probably continue but i think this is enough for any one.