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How To Stimulate The Pineal Gland To Produce More Melatonin

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

Basically, circadian rhythm sleep disorder is referred to those sleep conditions which get affected by circadian rhythm which is particularly an internal clock of human body. This is such an astonishing fact as this clock indicates us about the timing to sleep or to get up from bed. Both, the circadian rhythm and our sleep have a great connection with each other. Normally, between 10PM – 12 PM, this body clock starts indicating us for sleeping time to go to our bed every night and after 7 to 9 hours; it tells us to wake up. But, when a person suffers from circadian rhythm sleep disorders, he faces problems in regular comfortable sleep.

Types Of Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

Basically, this disorder can be grouped in two different forms wherein one is extrinsic group and another is intrinsic group. In extrinsic group, this disorder causes external issues that create problems in sleeping. These issues include shift work or jet lag etc. In Intrinsic group, circadian rhythm sleep disorder includes internal problems that create problem while sleeping to a person. These external elements include irregularity in sleeping schedule, going to bed late as well as waking up late in comparison to other people, health problem and so on.

Fighting With Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

Some doctors prefer light therapy to fight with some particular circadian rhythm sleep disorder. Patients who undergo this therapy pass through bright lights and these lights manipulate the circadian rhythm which is body’s clock. Thus, it helps them to adjust in a new sleeping schedule. To proper functioning, it is necessary that our body all parts should work together. When one deprives their sleep, it disrupts several important body functions. Body clock also includes in these disrupted functions. Thus, to fight with this problem, you should attain a healthy sleeping pattern or can go for advance therapies as well.

Pineal Gland

Role Of Pineal Gland In Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

It is a small endocrine gland which exist in vertebrate brain which develops melatonin. Melatonin is a chemical which helps balancing human sleeping cycle. Due to its shape, melatonin has got this name. Thus, we can say that stimulating the pineal gland can help developing more melatonin and thus, it enhances the power of concentration and meditation. Various human beliefs about spirituality also take birth from stimulation of the pineal gland. To control over the pineal gland, light effect is quite responsible.

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder – Way To Stimulate The Pineal Gland In Order To Produce More Melatonin

It does not require much efforts to stimulate the pineal gland. By maintaining a right way of sleeping which should be in proper day and night sleeping cycle, it can be easily stimulated. This is such a natural way that you should follow. Following a fix time for sleeping or waking can help you to get rid of this problem effectively. This way, you can create systematic approach for developing effective pineal gland. Indeed, it is a definite way to use for curing circadian rhythm sleep disorder.