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Transcend 2 Travel CPAP Machine Review| World’s Smallest and Lightest CPAP machine

This is a review of the Transcend 2 travel CPAP machine. I will be highlighting all of the positives along with the negatives and highlights of this machine. In the end, based on my research I will provide a final verdict.

Highlights of the Transcend 2 Travel CPAP Machine

This machine has the following characteristic features:

  • Lightest CPAP machine available on the market
  • Smallest CPAP machine
  • Weighs less than 1pound
  • Many power options
  • Has compatibility with all CPAP masks
  • Extremely quiet
  • Very advanced

Why Purchase the Transcend 2 Travel CPAP Machine?

Transcend 2 Travel CPAP Machine Package

This machine has been engineered to make it light and portable while retaining functionality of a large CPAP machine. The features it offers are:

  1. Power options: This machine has an inbuilt rechargeable battery along with a power chord option. So even if a power outage occurs or if you wish to sleep in the outdoors, you can use this machine through its battery.
  2. Size and weight: This CPAP is currently the lightest machine in the market. It weighs less than 1 pound, thus you can easily carry it with you. Additionally, because of its smaller size it is very portable and can be packed in a suitcase with relative ease.
  3. High compatibility: Any mask, with which you are comfortable, can be used along with this machine.
  4. Sound: The machine is on par with other industry leaders, it produces only 29dB of sound.
  5. Advanced: This machine has many features such as auto altitude adjustment and inbuilt CPAP software for recording and evaluating of the CPAP data.

Customer Feedback for the Transcend 2 Travel CPAP Machine

  • “the machine itself is very quiet and compact”
  • “there is no humidifer with it… I wish I had known more about it before… It doesn’t serve it’s purpose for me with no built in humidifier”

 Verdict on the Transcend 2 Travel CPAP Machine

Transcend 2 Travel CPAP Machine Placed on a Pillow

There is only one major drawback to this machine it has no in-built humidifier. This may be a problem if you positively require a humidifier to sleep. But considering the size and design on the machine, a humidifier could not have been included.

This machine has been built with those who travel a lot and camp out a lot in mind. If you require a CPAP machine which is very small, lightweight and which runs on a battery then this is the machine for you. Just make sure that you do not require an inbuilt humidifier.

Final Words on the Transcend 2 Travel CPAP Machine

I hope you found this Transcend 2 Travel CPAP Machine review helpful. Feel free to visit Amazon or the CPAP manufacturer’s website for further information on ordering.