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What Causes Recurring Nightmares In Children

Recurring Nightmares In Children

The recurring nightmares are same like normal dreams, but these are scary and occurs again and again with same incident or events that often related to our life. In children, recurring nightmares are common disorder. In children, it recurs because children often enjoy it. When, there is frightening thing in nightmares, it indicates any inner fear of a child. There is no certainty of age for recurring nightmares in children as it can start to children in any age. Though, it is seen recurring nightmares occurs during the age of 4-6 years in children. Once, the problem of recurring nightmares begins, it keeps repeating frequently throughout childhood.

Frequency Of Recurring Nightmares In Children

In cases of children with recurring nightmares, it is seen that it occurs many times in a month. It is a frequent disorder in children. In nightmares, a terrified child gets completely involved into the situation of his or her dream. For example, the child experiences a horrible incident like being followed by a horrible person or be confronted by monster, get trapped to dark and unsafe place or anything scary. These recurring nightmares stop occurring in teenage or preteen in children. Though, in some cases, recurring nightmares keep on continually troubling a child in adulthood too.

Recurring Nightmares In Children

The State Of Children Who Suffer From Recurring Nightmares

The children get into very critical state and it becomes difficult for them to express or understand what they are feeling or their condition. Horrible recurring nightmares usually are metaphors of frightening real life situation. Children who have any kind of fear in them and do not speak about them properly, the threatening memory gets repressed in them. This memory badly stuck within subconscious phase of mind. Mostly, parents are aware of traumatic incidents to which children are deeply affected. Recurring nightmares caused by some life event have some sense and can easily get treated up as well with consultation with a doctor.

Recurring Nightmares & Its Critical Causes

Apart from sensible causes, sometimes, inconsequential causes also lead children to recurring nightmares issue. For instance, the infants can have a feeling of being abandoned or unloved by his or her parents when he or she cries and at that moment, no one comes to that infant to comfort. Similarly, younger children can get this feeling of being unloved or rejected by parents when a new born baby enters in family and gets all attention which previously was for him. Apart of it, when entering to school, strict teachers and forcefulness of parents also cause intense fear to children which ultimately result into recurring nightmares in children.

Logic Behind Recurring Nightmares

The only logic which you can understand after reading this information is that, recurring nightmares happen when children go through difficult ongoing life situation like bully in society or school which terrorize children daily. Though, recurring nightmares keep on troubling children for years, yet the incident happens only once in life. Other logic of recurring nightmares is that; it is a big indication of suppressed fear of children and same applies to adult nightmares.