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Why Sleeping Pills Are Not Recomended For Treating DSPS

Sleeping pills are becoming very popular nowadays. There are quite a large number of Americans who solely depend on these pills for a better sleep; knowing the fact that these pills carry large number of side effects, people still use them. The sleep control mechanism in our body is often perplexed by its constant use. Especially, there are many patients who have developed different routine of sleep and now suffering from delayed sleep phase syndrome. It’s a disability to get sleep at the proper time, thereby increasing the sleep time by couple of hours. Sleeping pills can become very chronic if taken on a continuous basis and at some stage it might work the opposite, making you deprived of your good night sleep.

Sleeping Pill Is Not A Treatment For DSPS

Sleeping pills are sedative agents but should be taken occasionally and upon the prescription of a physician. No doubt, you can have short term benefits from these pills but on a longer run, you are making yourself addicted to many sleep disorders. Delayed sleep phase syndrome as discussed delays your sleep but it can be controlled using many other treatments such as bright light therapy, which have no side effects. These pills can prove to be deadly too, you can develop an allergic reaction anaphylaxis, which is a dangerous allergic reaction.

Recommending A Sleeping Pill For A Chronic DSPS Patient Can Be Harmful

Sleeping pills are sedative hypnotics. They contain benzodiazepines and it is addictive. They are generally advised for a person suffering with chronic anxiety or insomnia. Delayed sleep phase syndrome is often misdiagnosed with insomnia and physician sometime recommend these pills, which can be dangerous at times. Here, having knowledge of the side effects of sleeping pills becomes very necessary. Few most common side effects of prescribed sleeping pills such as Eszopiclone, Zolpidem, Triazolam

Sleeping Pills May Not Be The Best Treatment For DSPS


  • Dizziness and coordination problems
  • Dryness of mouth and throat
  • Severe headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Sleep walking
  • Anxiety
  • Allergic reactions
  • Stomachache
  • Vivid dreams
  • Depression
  • Fainting

Do Not Confuse Sleeplessness With DSPS

Often many people have the habit of drinking and think it is the medium of getting a good sleep at night combined with a sleeping pill. This is one of the most dangerous options. It may cause death or can hamper your body’s organ; combinations of alcohol with sleeping pills increase the sedative level in your body. It is also recommended to avoid grape juice and grape fruit while taking sleeping pills. Sleeping pills may not be the best treatment for delayed sleep phase syndrome. You do not hamper from sleeplessness from DSPS, your body just don’t get to sleep at proper time. The better way to deal with it is through therapies and natural treatments.

Insist On A Holistic Treatment For Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Many people suffer from minor issues of delayed sleep phase syndrome and therefore it might be possible for them to get short term benefits from the sleeping pills. However, patients who have developed DSPS over a long time should avoid taking these pills, as that will only make them feel unsteady, tired, dazed when they wake up. The best treatment is to follow a holistic treatment to correct the biological clock or the circadian rhythm. Expose yourself to natural light, follow sleep hygiene and few changes in your lifestyle will be a healthy approach to treat any of your sleep disorders.