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Acute Sleep Deprivation Symptoms

There are times when a person disregards his lack of sleep. We should all be aware that consistent lack of sleep can lead to detrimental effects to the body. Poor sleeping habits can lead to acute sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is not only about the lack of the amount of time for sleeping. It is about the lack of both the quality and the quantity of your sleep. It is different from chronic sleep deprivation because acute sleep deprivation involves not getting enough required sleep for up to two days. The effects of the acute sleep deprivation are worse than the chronic sleep deprivation – it affects the health, the behavior, the emotions and the overall well-being of the person.

Acute Sleep Deprivation Symptoms Summarized

The symptoms manifested by a person with acute sleep deprivation are all serious, but it can easily be diagnosed. The symptoms require immediate medical attention so that it would not proceed to graver effects on the health of the person.


  • The person will look very exhausted and tired. This is not the usual look that you see on people getting home from work. It is more serious because the person may also manifest symptoms of hypotaxia.
  • The skin can also look mottled. It will have a pale or grey color. Aside from that, it will also look wrinkled and dry.
  • Periorbital puffiness can also be observed on some people.
  • A severe degree of irritability can be seen as a symptom. The person tends to be aggressive and gets irritated on the most trivial things.

Acute Sleep Deprivation Symptoms

  • The person may also feel thrilled at first and will do almost all things quickly but inaccurately. He may also drop things a lot.
  • Because the person is having a surge of unexplained energy, he may rush everything that he does, especially the things assigned to him during work.
  • On the later stage, the energy of the person can already be sapped out of him. His movements and his speech would become rather slow.
  • He will also already look ill and sleepy.
  • During this stage, the person may experience more serious consequences such as fainting, nose bleeding, seizures and sudden bursts of uncontrolled tears and laughter.

What People with Acute Sleep Deprivation Symptoms Should Do

It is not uncommon to see people depriving themselves of sleep because of work. If you are experiencing these kinds of symptoms, it should not be ignored. These are the symptoms of acute sleep deprivation and if it is not corrected immediately, it can put your health at risk.


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