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Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders | A Brief Review Time Zone Change

Time Zone Change (Jet-Lag):

  • Occurs after rapid travel across multiple time zones.
  • Often good sleep alternates with poor sleep on subsequent nights.
  • East-bound travel:  Phase adjustment = 60 minutes/day
  • West-bound travel: Phase adjustment = 90 minutes/day
  • Other physiologic functions:  Hormonal release, GI function, appetite may take more than a week to regulate with the new time zone.
  • Patients with manic-depressive illness may experience an exacerbation of mania (eastward flights more common than westward flights).
  • PSG:  Variable, fragmented sleep, most disrupted in second half of sleep period.
  • Persistence of symptoms beyond 2 weeks suggests another disorder.


  1. wow I didn’t know there were so many details about simple good old jet lag

  2. I travel a lot so I am having a jet lag all the time

  3. Time zone change wrecks havoc on me, not so easy to adapt

  4. Hey Gena, looks like we are on the same boat with jet lag 🙂

  5. I don’t know what’s the big deal, I travel regularly and I don’t have any jet lag issues everyone keeps on shouting about