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Insomnia Relief | The Sleep Master Sleep Mask | REVIEW

This is a review of the Sleep Master sleep mask. Based on my research I will provide the following:

  • Information on insomnia
  • The highlights of the Sleep Master sleep mask
  • The positives and negatives of the mask
  • Customer feedback for the product
  • Comments from online forums &
  • A final verdict on the Sleep Master

Tired all the Time? You may have Insomnia!

Insomnia Relief The Sleep Master Sleep Mask REVIEW Image 1

Insomnia is a medical condition wherein you will have trouble falling asleep or you will have trouble staying asleep. This condition can be mild or chronic, but in most cases it will cause you to experience:

  • Poor concentration and focus
  • Memory problems
  • Motor coordination problems
  • Irritation
  • Accidents

Basically all of the above problems occur due to the lack of sleep. The most common causes of insomnia are changes in the environmental conditions such as:

  • Ambient light: If you are used to sleeping in a completely dark room and for some reason, some amounts of light is entering the room, it may cause your insomnia.
  • Noise: Similarly, due to noise in the surroundings, you may not be able to sleep properly.

If you have insomnia because of the above two causes, then the Sleep Master sleep mask will provide you instant insomnia relief.

The Sleep Master Sleep Mask – Fast & Effective Insomnia Relief

The Sleep Master sleep mask has been designed to lower the levels of ambient noise and light. The mask has been made by an insomnia sufferer for insomnia sufferers. Since it completely covers the head, it will reduce both noise levels and light. While the mask alone will not cut out noise completely, ear plugs are provided with the mask, if both are used together, then noise levels will be drastically reduced.

Highlights of the Sleep Master Sleep Mask

  • Hand washable
  • No latex in the mask
  • Made hypoallergenic
  • Has a synthetic shell and a cotton interior
  • Flexible and durable
  • Completely surrounds your head
  • Connects in the back via Velcro straps
  • Provides insomnia relief
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Ear plugs provided in the package

Insomnia Relief The Sleep Master Sleep Mask REVIEW Image 2

Insomnia Relief The Sleep Master Sleep Mask REVIEW Image 3

Customer Feedback for the Sleep Master Sleep Mask

Feedback from Amazon

Extracts of the positive feedback:

Amazon buyer feedback chart for The Sleep Master Sleep Mask.

  • “THIS MASK is designed the way ALL MASKS should be… it covers a very wide area and protects completely from light leaks… It is also incredibly soft …It’s broad enough around the sides to even cover the ears to some degree, which helps with noise protection… I wish I had found this mask 20 years ago!!”
  • “This Sleep Master sleep mask is the best by a country mile… Comfortable, effective, and well made to last… I highly recommend it!”
  • “Effective Sleep mask,thoughtfully designed… WASHABLE… Light on the face, and adustable… Worth the price…I am greatful.”
  • “Superb product… comfortable for a man or woman to wear, and with better than average ear plugs, too… Super comfortable after trying a dozen other brands…well worth the price”
  • “This is by far one of theeeee BEST tools on the market to help you sleep… I received my comfy eye mask in a timely manner and have had many great nights of sleep since getting it… Thank you for creating and promoting SUCH a great product! Well-worth the money.”

Other then the above, the Sleep Master sleep mask has gotten 270+ positive reviews!

Extracts of the negative feedback:

  • “When I get this mask adjusted so it blocks most “not all” of the light… it’s puffy center is pressing on my eyes hard enough to make them hurt… I give this 0 stars.”
  • “Cheaply made… Does not fit my head… Can still see light… A total piece of junk.”
  • “Not comfortable…doesn’t fit…doesn’t block light…squishes your eyes and leaves no room for REM (rapid eye movement) during sleep. Thumbs down… don’t waste your money.”

All in all there are 48 negative comments out of 340.

Comments from Online Forums and Authority Sites for the Sleep Master Sleep Mask

  • From Curezone forums “I suggest you try a Sleep master sleep mask”
  • From Sleep Buyers Club “All in one Sleep Master sleep mask blocks light and muffles sound for a peaceful night’s sleep!”
  • From Ways to Fall Asleep “Compared to other masks, the sleep master may be a better option”

Verdict on the Sleep Master Sleep Mask

From the reviews I have read and from my research on the internet, I have found two drawbacks to this mask:

  1. A little bit of light enters through the nasal area.
  2. The pressure exerted by the mask on your eyes may be irritating or uncomfortable for you.

While most people did not have this problem, a few did. But even if you hate the product and it does not work for you, you can easily return it back and get your money back. Most of the reviews are positive, additionally the light leakage and pressure on the eyes is reported only by a few people.

For most, the mask is well designed, soft, and one of the best sleeplessness remedies they have found.

Other Choices for Insomnia Relief

Final Words on the Sleep Master Sleep Mask

I hope the Sleep Master sleep mask review was helpful to you. Feel free to go to Amazon and check the customer reviews about this and other sleep relief products.