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Sleeplessness Remedies | Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine | REVIEW

I will be reviewing the Ecotones Sound and Sleep Machine in the following paragraphs. I will provide the following based on my research:

  • Highlights of the Ecotones Sound and Sleep machine
  • Positives of the product
  • Negatives of the product
  • Customer feedback for the product
  • Feedback from online forums and authority sites
  • Based on my research I will provide a final verdict &
  • I will provide an alternative

The Ecotones Sound and Sleep machine

What is it?

The Ecotones Sound and Sleep machine will produce “white noise” to cut or cancel out any other annoying noise from the surrounding environment

Ecotone Sound + Sleep Machine Review image 1

Why Use the Ecotones Sound and Sleep machine?

  • It will calm and relax you
  • Cut out irritating noise from the surrounding
  • Will act as an insomnia relief

Sleeplessness Remedies – How does the Ecotone Machine work?

The machine has been pre programmed to emit different natural sounds which will calm and relax you. In addition to the noise, it contains a microphone which will continuously scan the environment for any disturbances. If found, within one second the machine will increase the volume of its emitted sound to cancel it, thus you will not hear the sound.

Unlike earphones which use active noise cancelation technology to give you peace and quiet, this machine uses “Adaptive Sound Technology”; it involves the increase in the volume of white noise which is emitted to cancel out the disturbing sound from the environment. Thus it is also known as a sleep relief / insomnia relief product.

Highlights of the Ecotones Sound and Sleep Machine

  • 10 ultra high quality natural sounds
  • Each sound is in the form of a story-30 minutes before it replays
  • Adaptive sound technology
  • Sleep timer
  • Three different richness settings
  • Two operating modes- Manual and Adaptive
  • Optional night time operating mode
  • Creates a relaxing and soothing environment
  • Can help with insomnia and sleeplessness
  • Small compact and well designed
  • Offers optional richness in sound (to make the sound more complex, for example if you chose the sea mode, you will hear an occasional sea gull etc.)

Positives and Negatives of the Ecotones Sound and Sleep Machine

Ecotone Sound + Sleep Machine Review image 2


  • Small and compact
  • Efficient
  • High efficacy
  • Provides a calming and relaxing environment
  • Can be connected to your stereo for increased power
  • Many different sound stories (modes) such as meditation, city, rain, evening brooke etc
  • Sound stories are of very high quality and time (30 minutes till repeat)


Confirmation of volume setting: This product does not provide any visual or auditory clue as the sound level, thus if you change the sound story, you will have to adjust the volume until it is perfect for you.

The above negative is not a big issue considering all the good night’s sleep you will get from the machine.

Feedback for the Ecotones Sound and Sleep Machine

Feedback from Amazon

Ecotone Sound + Sleep Machine Review amazon buyer feedback chart

Positive comments:

  • “Well, it works, and it works well, for its intended purpose… The response feature actually works nicely… Good product that has contributed to better sleeping conditions for both of us.”
  • “I occasionally have trouble getting to sleep and sleeping pills leave me groggy in the morning… My Duet does the trick… Duet creates an absolutely believable naturescape. I like it.”
  • “After using my sound machine for 2 weeks, I can honestly say it’s everything I hoped it would be, and more…This product is well worth every penny I spent on it… I highly recommend it.”
  • “I loved my machine when I received it… but the machine stopped working and Amazon would not accept a return for a full refund… I then contacted the company… and they are sending me a new replacement by second day air… so I wish to thank this company for their prompt, courteous response in replacing my machine as quickly as they have.”
  • “Not only did it drown out ALL of the noise and allowed me to sleep in a little bubble, I find that I rely on it now for ambient noise… I highly recommend this product”

Other than the above, 257 great reviews out of 307.

Negative comments:

  • “I bought two of these units when Amazon had a sale about 3 months ago… They worked great; HOWEVER, both quit working, the first after two months and the second just died this week.”
  • “The sound machine was great while it worked. After a couple of months, the power light started blinking and the machine stopped working.”
  • “This was a really good sound generator… It had high quality sound and seemed to be built well… The operation was as simple as can be… I used it for about three months and then one night it wouldn’t turn on anymore.”

Only 39 bad reviews out of 307.

Feedback from Forums and Authority Sites

  • From pr9 and drugbuyersforum “Stanford Medical Centre purchases Ecotone sound and sleep machine for patients rooms”
  • From talk.collegeconfidential “best was to study in a noisy dorm room is to get a ecotone sound machine”
  • From soundmachinesdirect “the ecotone is second to none

My Verdict on the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine

Based on my research on the internet, forums and Amazon I have found that the Ecotones sound and sleep machine is a great product which does its job with high efficacy and efficiency. If you have problems related to sleep, then go ahead and get this machine. The only negatives which people found were:

Ecotone Sound + Sleep Machine Review image 3

  1. Cost: While this machine is costlier than other sound machines, it is also much more advanced and provides a high quality experience.
  2. Life span: For a few users of the product, it suddenly died after a few months usage. Firstly this problem only occurred for a few people. For the majority it has worked fine. Secondly even if the machine were to die, you can contact the customer care of the manufacturer for a solution,
  3. Sound settings: For some people certain sound settings did not work (some hated the sea or rain settings etc). But this is not a big problem, to make sure that everyone would like at least one of the sound settings there are 10 included. So try them all out until you find your perfect match.

I can whole heartedly endorse this product, if you need a machine to simply cut the ambient noise or to act as an insomnia relief; the Ecotone is perfect for you and worthy of your hard earned money.

However if you need a sleep relief product which will cut out ambient disturbing light and sound or if you need one which costs lesser then the Ecotone, try the Sleep Master Sleep Mask as an alternative.

Highlights of the Sleep Master Sleep Mask

Insomnia Relief The Sleep Master Sleep Mask REVIEW Image 1

  • Cheap
  • Completely covers the face, thus prevents both sound and light from disturbing
  • Earplugs come packaged with the mask
  • Hand washable
  • Latex free
  • Drug free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Soft and comfortable

Sleeplessness remedies come in many forms, if you are looking for something cheaper than this product will be perfect for you.

Other Choices for Insomnia Relief

Final Words on the Ecotone and Sleep Master

I hope my review of the Ecotone Sound + Sleep machine and the alternative of Sleep Master Sleep Mask was helpful to you. Feel free to visit Amazon to read more customer reviews and check out the product.


  1. we have the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine and i really like it, so i can recommend this

  2. I really like the review of the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine but I think its quite expensive for me, so I will look for a cheaper alternate

  3. I have the money so i don’t care, this Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine is great, I am very satisfied