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Get Instant Sleep Relief | REVIEW | Marpac Sound Screen Sleep Conditioner White Noise Generator

This is a review of the Marpac Sound Screen White Noise Generator. I will be elaborating on the following points:

  • Highlights of the Product
  • Positives & negatives of the product
  • Customer feedback for the product
  • Feedback for the product from forums
  • A final verdict based on my research &
  • An alternative choice

The Marpac Sound Screen White Noise Generator = Instant Sleep Relief?

The Marpac White Noise generator is a device which will emit white noise into its surroundings. This white noise will basically mask any irritating or disturbing sounds present in the environment. Thus you will get a quiet and soothing environment where you can relax and rejuvenate both your mind and body.

Why Use the Marpac Sound Screen White Noise Generator?

Marpac Sound Screen Sleep Conditioner White Noise Generator

This machine will create a calm and quiet environment, wherever it is placed. You can use if for any of the following reasons:

  • If you suffer from insomnia due to noise, you can use this to gain insomnia relief
  • The Marpac white noise generator is one of the many sleeplessness remedies available in the market, If you are simply suffering from sleeplessness because of the noise your neighbours are producing, then this product will give you relief instantly
  • You can use it in your work place to block out noise, thereby increasing your concentration level
  • If you are a student, you can use it in your dorm room to help you study
  • Another use is to mask a private conversation you are having in a room from people outside etc.

Highlights of the Marpac Sound Screen White Noise Generator

  • Creates a soothing and noise free environment consistently
  • Volume tone and pitch can be customized according to your needs and requirements
  • Can be used in noisy apartments, dorm rooms or offices
  • Small and portable
  • No batteries required to operate the product.
  • Ships with “frustration free packing”

Positives & Negatives of the Product


  • Easy to use
  • No pattern to the sound which is produced
  • Small and compact
  • Housing design (which has been patented)
  • Made of durable and high quality plastic which makes it durable and portable
  • 2 Power settings
  • Runs on direct current supply


  • The product loudness
  • Does not work against a low bass tone

Customer Feedback from Amazon for the Marpac White Noise Generator

Positive Feedback- A total of 189 out of 213 review

Amazon buyer feedback chart

  • “My new Marpac 980 recently arrived and I couldn’t be more satisfied… It is small (and portable), but solidly built, with cushioning on the bottom to prevent vibration… It also has a low and high setting switch… Sleep deprivation is bad for both mental and physical health you might just want to consider one of these machines as a cure”
  • “I ordered this machine to calm my 8 week colicky baby and it was worth every penny… She went from her usual screaming to a calm trance in under 10 seconds of having it placed nearby… This is a must buy for desperate moms out there.”
  • Definitely what I was looking for… We usually use a box fan… This sound maker provides a pleasant, continuous rush of air… Sound has no pauses… Completely adjustable to get the right “rush” of air that we want… Then you can even put it on high or low.”
  • “While it is running, it blocks out almost all exterior sound and much of the local… One problem, it is difficult to wake up while it is running… Seriously, it is that good… The sound is so relaxing, I just want to stay asleep… A plus with this device is the different volume and tone settings available.”
  • “Magic–steady and pattern-free… I’m getting to sleep now better than I ever have… this despite having the nearly always busy laundry room right on the other side of the wall from my bed… Hurray for the Marpac!”
  • “I have this for my 2 year old… It is awesome, blocks every sound and she sleeps through anything, the tv, talking, shower, alarm clock, or any other noise in the house… I feel confident that when I put her to bed, she will not wake up because of noise.”

Negative Comments- A total of 18 from 213 reviews:

  • “It does not have the volume that I need… perhaps it is too small for the room that I have it in… It has not helped me in the least.”
  • “There was no pattern in the noise and I needed that… Howerver, I did not think we could ever really get the noise machine loud enough for our liking.”
  • “It would have to make a lot more noise to be efficent”
  • “Despite the ability to adjust speed/sound it was too loud for me… I found it hard to believe some reviewers said it was not loud enough.”

Feedback from Forums for the product

  • From “enotalone” forums: “If you’re a light sleeper, consider getting a white noise machine like the Marpac… It’s far better than most cheap $15 white noise machine… The Marpac is very durable and though it’s $50 you can adjust the sound level.”
  • From “toolsforwellness” website: “helps you get a good night’s rest naturally”
  • From “constant chatter” website: “its very plain – just one sound (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) – two levels – high and low – and you can adjust it a little by twisting it to open or close the speaker holes. it is a great little machine”

Verdict on the Marpac White Noise Generator

From my research I have found that this machine, while very good, does have some drawbacks such as:

  • Loudness: For some people the noise level produced by the machine is very low, however for some other people, the noise level produced is too high!
  • Low Bass Sound: Since this device does not have active noise cancelation technology, it will not be able to prevent or obviate low bass sounds.

Other then the above two negatives, this device is great at its job. I would suggest trying the device before deciding, go to a store and try it out, the level of loudness may be perfect for you or it may be too loud or too low. So it is better to try it out before deciding, either way you do not have much to lose, if it works then you can sleep peacefully. If it does not then you can return it. But for most people, the machine worked flawlessly and perfectly.

If the above negatives bother you, and you are ready to spend more money on a noise machine, then the Ecotone Sound and Sleep machine is a great alternative.

The Ecotone Sound and Sleep Machine

Ecotone Sound + Sleep Machine Review image 3

While much more costly than other sound machines, this machine is much more advanced. It uses a mike to continuously monitor the environment, when a disturbing sound enters the room, the machine will automatically change the loudness of the white noise to obviate the disturbance.

Highlights of the machine:

  • 10 ultra high quality natural sounds
  • Each sound plays for 30 minutes before repeating
  • Richness settings
  • Creates a relaxing and soothing environment
  • Can be connected to your stereo speakers to increase the loudness
  • Small, compact and well designed

The machine is great in every way and has gotten great reviews. But it is costlier than the other machines.

Other Choices for Insomnia Relief

Final Words on the Sound Machines

I hope my review of the Marpac Sound Screen White Noise Generator and the alternative of the Ecotone Sound and Sleep machine was helpful to you. Feel free to visit Amazon to read more customer reviews.

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  1. I decided to get the Marpac Sound Screen Sleep Conditioner White Noise Generator after reading this, so thanks for the review (well I also read some other articles about it hehehe)