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Philips GoLite P1 Blue Spectrum Light Therapy Device for Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

For people with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS), finding the most effective treatment for their condition is not difficult if

Philips GoLite P1 Blue Spectrum Light Therapy Device for treating DSPS

they know what they are looking for and they know where to search for it. One of the recommended treatments for DSPS is the light therapy. This involves controlling the person’s exposure to light and dark throughout the whole day. One device that can provide such is the Philips GoLite P1 Blue Spectrum Light Therapy Device.

Review of the Philips GoLite P1

This blue-spectrum light therapy device manufactured by Apollo Health is the world’s smallest light therapy device. This features full spectrum, 10,000 lux boxes that are known to be very effective in managing and treating the symptoms of DSPS and other sleeping disorders. Doctors and light therapy researchers recommend this product as this can help ease the suffering of persons with sleep disorders and improve the quality of life.

Why Blue Light for Light Therapy?

Studies have shown that blue light, when it comes to the wavelength, is the most effective color in treating sleep disorders. This device only used the most effective wavelengths, and the side effects are lesser compared to the 10,000 lux full-spectrum light therapies.

How to Use this Light Therapy Device

The manufacturer recommends keeping the device at 20-22 inches from your face. The product features an adjustable treatment timer that has an automatic shut-down. It also has a protective flip cover, anti-glare diffuser lens and long-lasting eye-safe LEDs. The device can remember your personal settings the next time you are going to use it. Use the device for less than an hour, this is already sufficient to produce the desired effects.

Feel Better, Faster

The Exclusive Bluewave Technology is proven to be the most effective type of light therapy by scientists and researchers. It is twice as effective as the white light therapy. It is recommended to consult your health care provider first before giving yourself any kind of treatment for your DSPS