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Throat Snoring | Tongue Based Snoring

Throat snoring

Most of snorers actually experience throat snoring, which means that the snoring is originating from the throat. Something there is causing vibration as the air is passing, so what you must focus on is your air channel. Some tissue is making it more difficult for the air to flow through the breathing passage or, in the case of the tongue rolling back, completely blocking it.

So if you suffer from throat snoring then you need to look at all the snore treatments except the ones which target nasal snoring. Just to name a few these are:

  • Being overweight: the thicker neck squeezes the air passageway
  • Not ideal sleeping position: your air path actually is larger or pressured depending on the position you sleep in
  • Using muscle relaxants: like alcohol or sleeping pills which numb your muscles so they can not keep the airway open
  • Etc, go see all the different solutions in the “Snore cures” article

Tongue based snoring

In this case the tongue muscles are too relaxed and make the tongue roll back to the throat. Tongue based snoring, naturally, blocks the air and makes it very difficult or impossible to breathe. This is especially experienced among people who sleep on their backs because the tongue is very well able to roll back due to gravity, so actually, if you were to sleep on your side, this could straight away fix the problem, because it is physiologically quite challenging for the tongue to roll back when you sleep on your side.

This could happen to the tongue due to the use of relaxants and as well if you may have a particular type of a jaw structure.

There are also devices (mandibular advancement device) which can be used when battling tongue based snoring and finally there is surgery.


  1. I didn’t really make the connection between being overweight and thickness of throat, etc… thanks for making that really clear, I think I know what to do now.

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