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Rem Sleep Behavior Disorder

Sleep Disorder -What Is REM Sleep Behavior Disorder?

Saying that an individual suffers from REM sleep behavior disorder means that their eyeballs move rapidly and abnormally while they are asleep. This disorder is consequently characterized as a sleep parasomnia. Parasomnia is a type of sleep disorder, and an individual who suffers from parasomnia may experience disruption while asleep. Aside from that, he or she may also be roused while in a simultaneous stage of being both partially asleep and awake. A person who suffers from this disorder experiences vivid, intense and violent dreams. He or she starts to act out the dream. The way the individual moves in his or her sleep can vary from basic (simply moving the feet) to complex actions (screaming). If the individual sleeps next to another person, it can be dangerous if the actions are quite violent.

Child having a nightmare, one of consequences of REM sleep behavior disorder

The sleep disorder commonly be found in people within the age range of 15 and above. However, it is more commonly found among aged individuals, meaning those who are 60 years old or more. This disorder affects more men than women. Surveys show that only one out of ten sufferers is female.

Sleep Disorder -REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Treatment

Treating this sleep disorder is possible and may be done through medication and changes in lifestyle. Typically, the prescribed medicine will be an anti-convulsant drug called Clonazepam. As for changing your lifestyle, an individual may find it safer to place mattresses on the floor. A cushion that surrounds the bed may also work. Doing these will protect the individual. If another person sleeps next to the one with the disorder, he or she will also be protected. A bed with a cushioned headboard will also be a good choice. Make sure your bed is kept away from mirrors and windows. Another thing an individual may do is to avoid alcohol and to follow a healthy sleep routine. Consult a doctor to find the right REM sleep behavior disorder treatment for you.

More About Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorder is any condition that regularly interferes or disrupts a person’s regular sleeping habits. Millions of individuals suffer from these disorders. We may find that these disorders keep us from keeping a healthy sleep regime. Since sleep is very important for the human body, these kinds of disorders should not be taken lightly.

These disorders come in many types. Some individuals are deprived of sleep, while others get too much of it. These conditions may be brought out by a malfunction in the body’s chemicals, physiologic disorders, etc. Some of these types have been segregated into groups, two examples being dyssomnias and parasomnias.

Dyssomnias pertain to types of disorders that range from hypersomnolence to insomnia. While hypersomnolence means getting too much sleep, insomnia refers to the inability of falling asleep. On the other hands, parasomnias refer to disorders that involve unnatural movements, emotions, behaviors, perceptions and dreams. It can include: sleep walking, nightmares, sleep talking, and much more.

The quality of an individual’s sleeping habits significantly impacts his or her ability to lead a productive life. If left untreated, disorders relating to sleep can lead to a lot of stress. If you think you are suffering from REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (or any other sleeping disorder), make sure to consult with a doctor immediately.

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  1. I seem to notice that both for Rem Sleep Behavior Disorder and other disorders they seem to be more often occuring in men or boys rather than girls…