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What is REM Sleep Disorder?

REM sleep disorder or RBD is a sleeping phenomenon that was truly described in the year 1986. This sleeping condition involves some...

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Sleepwalking and Vitamin Deficiency

Somnambulism or sleepwalking is a type of parasomnia, one of the many different sleep disorders that are characterized by a person to...

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Activities during Sleepwalking

Sleepwalking or somnambulism is a common sleep disorder or parasomnia in children, however, adults can also be affected with sleepwalking....

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Sleep Talking Remedies

Sleep talking or somniloquy as its medical term is a type of parasomnia that can commonly affect younger age groups. One thing good about...

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Sleep Talking Treatment Options

Sleep talking is a type of sleep disorder, specifically a type of parasomnia that is common to affect younger age groups. Sleep talking is...

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Causes of Sleep Talking

Sleep talking is a type of parasomnia that causes a person to talk during his or her sleep. The medical term for sleep talking is...

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The Relationship Between Sleep Paralysis And Schizophrenia

Introduction Of Two Varied Sleep Disorders Sleep Paralysis and Schizophrenia, both are sleep disorders and trouble a sufferer when he or...

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Why Do Some People Sleep With Their Eyes Open

Interesting Facts About Sleep And Why You Suffer From Sleep Disorders? Studying and researching sleep disorders I came across various...

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Symptoms of Exploding Head Syndrome | Sleep Disorders

Exploding head syndrome is one of the less documented types of sleep disorders. Exploding head syndrome is considered to be a rare type of...

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Can Stress Cause Exploding Head Syndrome?

Exploding head syndrome or EHS is a type of parasomnia that involves a person to experience a loud bang inside his or her head. Exploding...

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Sexomnia Sleep Disorder – What is it?

Sexomnia is a (rare) sleep disorder (also known as “sleep sex”) which causes the person suffering from it to do any kind of sexual related...

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Rem Sleep Behavior Disorder

Sleep Disorder -What Is REM Sleep Behavior Disorder? Saying that an individual suffers from REM sleep behavior disorder means that their...

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